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Hey There Everyone,
I have a 1995 F250 it has a 7.3L Diesel in it. Last winter I had to start it everyday at lunch time so it would start after work. Now already this year I am starting to have trouble. I tried cycling and that works sometimes but not always. I was told to check my glow plugs and I am not sure how to test them and if that is where I should start. A few other guys at work hasn't plug thiers in yet and I have to for atleast a hour before leaving for work. Anyone with any knowledge of diesels or know of any websites that could help could help would be great. Thanks!!!!!!!

posted by  C95TSI

your injectors could be dirty, or you diesel could be jellying up. id get some injector cleaner first. might change your fuel filter also if it hasnt ever been changed. i pretty sure the glow plugs are kinda pricey. havent had to replace mine yet. 2002 w/ 7.3

posted by  adamc44

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