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I just need to know where the block heater cord (plug in) is located, (now that we have instant winter), I can't seem to find it

posted by  wink

well its possible you dont have one installed, or you do but it doesn't have a cord. or you do and it does have a cord and is tied up somewhere that you'll never find, or pop your hood and look for the thing that would plug into a wall socket, not many things can, heres a hint it'll look similar to your vacuum cord. on a serious note most people just stuff em somewhere in the front of the car under the hood on the left or right side. I really have no idea. ooo oooo it could have a panel on the front of the bumper you flip open to expose the plug. could be dragging on the ground while you drive and has worn off to nothing, or it could be still attached to the extension cord on the front of your house, both of which i have seen many many times

posted by  BanffAutoSpa_ap

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