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hi all,
i have A 98 sebring 2.5L coupe 75,000. over the last 2 years it would have a problem going into reverse, but only in the morning and only once in a wile. after you started it up and placed it in revers it could take a minute to ingage or maby even having to shift into drive and back to reverse again. well now! my wife was driving to work said ( i herd a noise ) and the car seemed as if it was in nutral. you could gas it, but no go... i trailered the car home and when i try to drive it. it would seem to go forware fine until about 15 miles per-hour and then slip out of gear? and it would require you to stop, turn off the ignition and restart to get it back in gear again but no reverse at all. no matter what. it seems as if its trying ( slite serge very slite) but no reverse. now when you place the card in 1st gear it works fine. drive as fast as you fear to ( with out blowing up the engine) but if you try to shift to second, its not there. stop, turn off, restart and now your ready to continue (in first gear that is) so, i did A SERVICE KIT and fluid, the right kind. also replaced the TCM, and checked the cylinod pack. still no change. speedO works , tack works, back up lights work codes i got were p0700 and p0732. any ideas?
thank you.

posted by  townjest

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