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100% bone stock w/1200 miles.

posted by  dontmatr

Looks a little bit higher than it should be with drivetrain loss, good goin! With a 15% loss my number was 255hp.They used a fan right? That always seems to bump up numbers a few good horsepower.

posted by  thunderbird1100

No fan. Particular dyno was a Mobile Dynojet 248C placed outdoors in their parking lot.

posted by  dontmatr

Okay, outdoors, that helps it out.

posted by  thunderbird1100

That looks like a good bit of power...congratulations :thumbs:

posted by  chris_knows

What exactly is the most accurate dyno then.

posted by  Pythias

an engine dynamometer, the rest are just test 'n tune. The closest way you can compare your car on a chassis dyno to your friends' cars is to use the same rules like Dyno Dynamic's Shootout mode, but even then the figures shouldn't be taken as factual.

posted by  Wally

Nice car man, and nice number too, they are right on par with all the other dyno tests I've seen on the '05/'06. A cold air kit, under drive pulleys and a reflash of the Spanish Oak processor and you're knocking on 300rwhp's door. Have fun with it.

BTW...thunderbird1100, there is no number set in stone for drivetrain losses. In extreme cases, they can be as low as 10% or even as high as 30%, which is highly uncommon. Ford has been building very "efficient drivetrains"-as reported by John Coletti on the '03 Cobra. The '03 Cobra was rated at 390hp and would lay 380 to the wheels. As of recently, Ford engineers admitted to approximately 25% over-engineering on their performance vehicles.

posted by  Sick88Tbird

I dont know, 11% (which is what his would be given it's not underrated) is pretty...almost too good. I wish there was an actual easy way we could measure correct drivetrain loss, until then, I guess anyone can say about this Mustang is speculation (either it's underrated or has severly low drivetrain loss).

posted by  thunderbird1100

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