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Around 2 years ago Mercury unvailed the concept messenger. They no longer produce the cougar. Does anyone know if my favorite car company will be rolling a sporty car off the line anytime soon? Well just wondering if there any rumors floatin around.

posted by  Aondor

I dunno, I thought they were done altogether...

posted by  dodgerforlife

done all together? *cries* they need to bring back a retro muscle car like all ther other companies

posted by  Aondor

They can't be done all together...i just recently saw a comercial for the 2006 moutanieer. i think in cars they are done but not suv's

posted by  GonnaDie4TheGov

nah, they're commin out with a milan, same thing as the ford fusion... they're not done with cars, or anything as i see it. the only thing in the mercury website that doesnt indicate a 2006 model is the sable... but that's because the taurus is going too...

posted by  pik_d

They've got the Milan, based on the Fusion, the Montego, based off the Five Hundred, and the SUVs. There's been talk of another Cougar, based off the Mustang, but so far no hard evidence. 0.jpg

posted by  ChrisV

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