2002 Pontiac Grand AM.

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Im currently in the works of purchasing a 2002 grand am with about 28,000 miles. I test drove it a few times and i noticed the ignition (key) doesnt want to turn or budge sometimes to go to start the car. Then other times theres no problem at all.

Can nybody tell me what kind of problem if any im going up against. Not sure if this would be affecting whats called the ignition module but i looked up that part and its pushin 300 bucks.


posted by  coolnuttz

turn the steering wheel a little when trying to turn the key
lock steering sometimes hangs it up
also make sure yo have foot on brake or key wont turn
not sure on this model but alot of new cars have that feature

posted by  windman

Thanks ill try it out!

posted by  coolnuttz

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