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hello everyone!

i am having a problem with my 2 barrel carb on my 1988 dodge diplomat se with the 5.2 liter v-8 318 motor.

i am unsure of the proper naming of these items so i hope to be able to describe well enough.

on the top of the carb is the choke...from the front of the motor just before the choke butterfly..is a little rectangular space (not the plate with the screws) i have alot of fuel coming out of this area leaking all ober my intake manifold.

what is the problem? how do i fix it? and about how much $ to fix it??

thank you all for your help.


posted by  puppyboi

From your description it sounds like the float is sticking, causing the float bowl to overflow. If that is the case, give the top of the carb a few good whacks with a small hammer (no, not hard enough to break the carb body). If this clears up the problem, it's not fixed, but you'll know what to do. Disassemble and rebuild/repair the carb.

posted by  vwhobo

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