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I know there have been many discussions on this and how GM currently hasn't been doing well, just heard they laid off 90k people this week. But I couldn't find out in any of the other threads about this if anyone belives or knows that this car will actually come out. From what I heard they had plans of 3 different V8's and no V6's if they came out. All I want to know is if anyone knows whats going on with it.


posted by  Pythias

I thought I read somewhere, GM had scrapped the plans for a new Camaro because it doesn't have enough money to build the Camaro's platform or something. I sure hope they make another Camaro. Ford is doing great with its Mustang, Daimler-Chrysler will be selling the Challenger in a few years, so I don't see why a new Camaro wouldn't sell well. Maybe Chevy doesn't want to take the risk of spending a lot of money on a muscle car.

posted by  moostang104314

No Camaro anytime soon...

They just closed something like 10+ plants (including the one the last Camaro was built at I believe) and are in too bad of a financial situation to be worrying about trying to compete with Mustang sales. They will try and ride heavily on the sales coming up with the new redesigned SUV's they are coming out with soon, hopefully gas prices will help them too. My guess is they will wait another 2-3 years before SERIOUSLY thinking of bringing back the Camaro IF they are in a better financial state and the Mustang has lost most of it's "appeal". Then introduce a new Camaro about 2-3 years before a new mustang arrives to eat up sales!

posted by  thunderbird1100

Theyve scrapped the idea since summer.

posted by  PontiacFan27

Rumours are that Holden are working on delivering up AWD as a main platform for the next generation sedans. As it is one of GM's few profitable auto business' it may be the one to foot the bill of R&D, if head office stops raping it's cash.

posted by  Wally

haven't we had this conversation before.....?

[EDIT]: ...similar:
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posted by  windsonian

2007 or 08' Camaro slated for NAIAS premiere. Look for a 5.3 liter base v8 and a ls2 SS. Hell, maybe GM will get its act together and stuff an ls7 in there.

posted by  CorvetteC6-9

Any future plans for an F-body were cut due to GM's money troubles.

And alienate the flagship Corvette Z06? Why would they do that? Especially when the F-bodys were meant to compete in the Mustang's market. So why would they sell a ~30k car that competes with the 65k Z06?

posted by  PontiacFan27

Like said, above, no new Camaro anytime soon. Also have to agree with him, putting the LS7 in there would be RETARDED, it would completely leave all Z06 buyers in stupid land.

I can see the Z/28 being powered by the 5.3L (As they use it in some cars now). Probably tuned to about 315-320hp (always has to be more than the Mustang) :laughing:

Then the top engine be the 6.0L LS2 in the SS tuned to a little under 400hp (maybe 375hp?), just like the last gen Corvette and Camaro SS (both used LS1's but the SS's LS1 was tuned down by about 15-30hp).

The base engine (like all Camaros have always had, like the Mustang, some dirty four cylinder or weak six banger), would probably be the 3.9L OHV V6, if not that the 3.5L OHV V6. I can see the 3.9L being the best choice as it puts out way more power than the Ford 4.0L V6 in the Mustang but doesn't come close to outgunning the 5.3L.

posted by  thunderbird1100

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