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Where could i look to purchase ford engine and transmision for good prices.
around 1970-1975.
Looking to drop out the 250 strait 6 and add a little more power have some extra cash.
Also any pages with performance parts for 1970-1975 mercury/ford products please share.

Thanks alot.

posted by  Aondor

Exactly what car are you working with? A little more info would be helpful.

posted by  Sick88Tbird

I would say your local junkyard...might require a rebuild, and some work...but overall you'd save some money, actually that's the only place that I can think of where you could get that engine...excepts maybe in the classifieds...

posted by  chris_knows

if you live in wv you shouldnt have a problem. start driving around and lookin on the back roads, see an old ltd, cougar, lincoln....stop and ask about it. alot of people will practically give you the car and most of them still run and drive...trust me im an expert at getting junk cars off peoples property.... :thumbs:

posted by  adamc44

I'm looking for something compatible with my 73 Comet

posted by  Aondor

Oh, I love the Comets/Mavericks of that vintage. My buddy has a '72 Maverick Grabber. You can strip down an '87-'93 Stang and use the trans/engine...you can even run the wiring and run fuel injection if you so desire.

posted by  Sick88Tbird

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