Service Engine light for tran. slippage

Home  \  Domestic Cars  \  Service Engine light for tran. slippage tranny is shot, but what I need to know is...should my Service Engine light have come on when the tranny first start having problems? It NEVER did. Everyone I mentioned the tranny slipping too, asked did the light come on. Foolishly, as I've seen from these posts, I did a flush when the slipping was noticed. With in a couple weeks my tranny had burned the new fluid black. I'm wondering if there's a malfunction in the electronics, could that caused the tranny to mess up? Any idea what a rebuilt would run? Thanks!!

posted by  a2ni30

I have a ford explorer that the tranny has been acting wierd, slipping etc. It took a year for the light to come on with the code p1762.

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posted by  adamc44

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