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i got a 92 Plymouth Acclaim and well i want to customise to a point that well stick out like a big thumb :clap:

Body Kits:I want to see if there ANY body kits on the market that will " with some modification " be able to fit on to my cars

Conversion : i want to convert the head light and tailight with E36 BMW Light a

Interior : can i swap out anything from my car ?

let me know !


posted by  irish_fast_car


posted by  99integra

Just make sure you actually like what you're doing, and not just trying to be different. After all, undoing the damage, should you grow tired of it, only costs more money.

posted by  hondaman

Its an acclaim. Im sure there are companies that make kits and such for cars that arent really that popular when it comes to modding. Other than that, I really cant say much except for WHY? :banghead: . The headlight conversion you can do if you can snach a pair of the headlights and then cut and mold and cut nad mold to make them fit. I really wouldnt bother with it though.

posted by  newyorker

with all the cost and time required to do that, you'd probably be best off sending a tape in to "pimp my ride"

posted by  dodger65


so in another word " F " it !

is NOT worth it !

posted by  irish_fast_car

right now i'm looking at ebay for 4dr civic 92 and up

i should go down this route !

posted by  irish_fast_car

Definatley be easier to find aftermarket parts for, and be way cheaper.

BTW - A frie d of mine had a 90 ish Acclaim too, with the 2.5L I4 (something like 100hp) and the 3spd automatic, man it was a slug! Made my 90 Accord feel "quick".

posted by  thunderbird1100

Glad we could be of advice. Personally I would just drive the acclaim and get a job. Use the acclaim till it drops, and at that point you shouild have a nice stash to either
A. Get a nicer car outfront
B. Make a nice downpayment on a new or more expensive car
C. Get that Civic you want, and still have a nice ammount of dough to get started in the aftermarket.
Youre making a smart move. :thumbs:

posted by  newyorker

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