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Hey guys,

I'm looking for my 18 year old friend for his first car to own. He found this to be the coolest one but I can't find anything online about this car besides pics and specs. I really want reviews. How is this car for a first drive(any year, I think 1982 to 1987). Durablitlity etc etc. you know the deal. IF not a good car what is a nice old looking one not to expensive that is good for a first time driver. He can drive perfectly fine we aren't worried about him, just about how the car will preform and such. thank you

posted by  pinkfloydian1

Is there a specific reason you are looking at this specific car? Whats your budget, target milage, make (if not buick), and why so old?

posted by  newyorker

if i remember right, they are turbocharged 3.8s and were pretty bad ass

posted by  adamc44

The early-mid 80's ones werent so hot, the 87 GNX was the creme of the crop though. Serious performer. The GN came out as an '82 model and it was a carb'ed 3.8 turbo as the top model (only 16 sold), had well under 200hp though.

For the 1984 model year they came out with the SFI turbo 3.8 and it had 200hp, this continued over to 1985.

Then in 1986 they added an intercooler which helped power up to 235hp and in 1987 (last year) they had the Turbo-T with 245hp and the GNX which had 275hp.

So really the models to look at are the '86/'87 as they have the most power.

I wouldn't ANY earlier than the '84 though, carb+turbo = bleh. But 200hp seems like it wouldn't be all that fun in this car.

posted by  thunderbird1100

the reason im looking at this car is cause i like the looks. now i know the 87 is my choice, but are they any professional reviews on them anywhere? The reason it is so old is cause that model went only up to 87 so i guess that is my only choice.

posted by  pinkfloydian1

gn's are nice and all but kinda expensive you could look at other g body cars that are similar like a monte carlo, regal, or regal t-type, or cutless, personally i bought my car cuz i wanted a gn and could not afford it so i got an 84 grand prix, now i wouldn't trade it for the world and i can eat up a stock gn maybe not one with mods but stock yes its just a little food for thoght cuz they are all g body cars but gn's are the most expensive except for a 442 or an areocoupe 2+2

posted by  84gprix

whats the diff between a GN and GNX?

posted by  pinkfloydian1

GNX was only in 1987. It was the ULTRA high performance version of the Grand National, and is EXTRMELY rare (275hp vs. 245hp and handling was enhanced). They made under a thousand if I remember correctly (maybe under 500).

posted by  thunderbird1100

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