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I am looking to swap a 1981 malibu wagon with a 6cyl to a 77 chevy 350 4 bolt main will it work and any hints appreciated?thanks

posted by  unclepudge

Of course it'll work. A SBC is a near bolt in when you start out with a 3.8 car. Even the wiring is pretty close. As I recall the only major difference is the motor mount brackets, but junkyards are full of them.

posted by  vwhobo

Thanks for the quick info,I would guess they would be 350 mounts for a 91?any further info on the wiring as it's been a few years since attempting and in depth car projects?like riding a bike I guess once you get started it all comes back?how about exhaust issues I will probably run into clearance problems somewhere correct,headers or stock amnifolds recommended?really looking for daily driver during summer for car shows,sunday rides with kids having a little fun maybe?thanks

posted by  unclepudge

Sorry for bad english just typing too fast!

posted by  unclepudge

That would be engine mounts for an 81 not 91 like I previously posted sorry!got all of that figured out now it's time for the breathing aspects,I'm not really sure on a intake carb setup as the malibu had all electronics on carb can I run an older style carb on this motor and just eliminate a few wires? or do I have to get a newer carb setup?

posted by  unclepudge

you should really keep all the questions about this car to one thread. you can use any carb and intake you heart desires, just make sure you dont over kill it. if you are just building a mild street machine, i'd go with a edelbrock or holley 650cfm carb and an edelbrock performer intake. do you plan on using a stall converter??? if so step the intake up to a performer RPM and get a 1500 stall converter. as far as the wires go, after you get everything wired up, take the remaining wires, roll them up, zip tie them and hide them! that way you dont cut any wires you may need in the future or cut a wire that you may wish you hadn't.

posted by  glagon1979

Sorry about all the threads still learning,thanks for all your help I'm almost there,exhaust goes in this week motor turns over can't wait to hear it and drive it.

posted by  unclepudge

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