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Got some questions on domestic interiors. I have never had leather interior before and I'm looking at getting the red-accent leather when I pick up the new '05-'06 Mustang. Thinking it would be a nice change of pace. I'm also wondering how domestic interiors, in general, have improved over the past 10 years. You know, the assembly of the components and the tightness of the joints. Any problems with gaps, creaking, cracking? :ticking:

Anyways, my primary question is how does leather hold up? I live in Charleston, SC so I understand the summer heat can beat on them pretty bad, also making it hot to climb into, and some quality care will be required on my part. I will be using sun-shades and my car will be garage kept when home and I'm thinking that will help some. Exactly how much care does leather require? How often does one have to condition leather to hold up well? And here is the BIG question for anyone who has a domestic car with leather interior... How does the leather that Ford Motor Company uses compare to that of other domestic interiors? :ticking:

I'm just trying to learn what I might be getting into. Haven't bought a new car before so not quite sure how much I can expect. It would also be appreciated if some pics of interiors with some wear and tear were posted so I can eyeball to see how it has held up.

Thanks in advance. :thumbs:

posted by  USAF-Sergeant

If you keep up the conditioning of the leather, it could be as easy as a weekly wipe down of all the surface...maybe 5-10 minutes of your time...and once a month a more detailed cleaning and conditioning

I use the Lexol products. Works well for me.

posted by  BavarianWheels

I find that the armorall products work pretty well on my leather and I live in West Texas where the sun is not something we joke about. You can get armorall leather wipes and be done in just a couple minutes and as far as the heat of the seats I put cloth seat covers on if it just gets too damn hot to sit on. (Black car with black leather seats) You'll also find that real leather will be a little cooler and the grade of the leather will have some effect on it too. My advice to see if you can put up with the heat is to find someone that has leather and sit in their car in the middle of summer of just go to the dealership to buy the car on a very hot day so that you can get the best guess of what it would be like to have it yourself. Also a friend of mine installed keyless ignition and would leave the A/C on all the time so that he could start his car about 10 minutes before he left so it would be nice and cool. This is a fix that can be done for fairly cheap. Overall though the leather is the way to go since it will last so much longer than the cloth. :thumbs:

posted by  72Cutlass442

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