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I started my 93 Cadillac Deville and the heater came on full blast, no defrosters and the electronic gas guage and temperature contols both have a small letter c appearing in the wiondow. The check engine soon light comes on after a few seconds. I can not access the system for any codes, it appears non responsive. The car starts and seems to run fine and all other controls other than the heater controls and gas guage are functional. Any ideas?


posted by  pfaust

Yeah, it seems as though something might be f*cked up.

posted by  vwhobo

Kind of what I thought, now tryng to get some ideas as to WHAT is f*#ked up. Strange dealings. I geuss the repair shop will need to look at this. I'm suspecting loose ground as I just had the clogged heater core replaced.

posted by  pfaust

your car has issues it needs to deal with... take afuse out to try and stop them or something!

posted by  Mk3golfer

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