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Howdy all,
I'm new here. Thanks in advance for all the welcomes, etc., etc.

Now, my question:

I have a 1997 Ford Escort 5 speed (US spec). On Saturday, I changed the oil along with the air filter. When I put the boot back on over the new air filter, it was very difficult. So difficult, in fact, that the two tabs that are supposed to go into the clamp broke off. I figured, "no big deal" since the clamp still sinched down nice and tight on the boot and made a solid seal all around. But, when I drove it for the first time since then, the engine light came on as soon as the car started.

I already checked under the car for oil leaks (none.) I'm pretty sure it's something to do with the air filter. Any suggestions?

posted by  97scort

Thanks in advance for the welcomes? Oh, that would happen in the "Introduce Yourself" section which should be the first stop for all new members, especially when those new members want help.

I think I now have a full grasp of the term "etard". :banghead:

posted by  vwhobo

:sarcasm: Wow. Thanks for the kind welcome. :sarcasm:

Geez, I just wanted some assistance. I'll look in the freakin' new members section then.

posted by  97scort

To: vwhobo

people go to these forums for help...because you are the supposed experts...
next time time you see a new member extend him the courtesy...

you ASS WIPE !!

Dierdre :fu:

posted by  Dierdre

To: Dierdre

I can't believe I let you lick my ass with that dirty mouth. I'll have to cut both you and your momma off now.



BTW, if you joined this forum just to type this response (apparently so), you really need to get a life.

posted by  vwhobo

Check the MAF sensor wire on the air cleaner you might have pulled it out while changing the filter.

posted by  Rhino77_99

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