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Ok, if any one could give me a little advice it would be appreciated, i recently bought an 02 ford explorer 4x4 with the auto 4x4 and don't really like the automatic 4x4 part. Is there any way of shuting it off and making it a standard 4x4. (4x4 off, 4x4 hi, 4x4 lo) Not only does it make playing in the snow absolutely no fun, but it also kicks in when its not needed. (like in sharp turns on dry pavement) so if you know how to fix the 4x4 kicking in at the wrong time or how to disable it all together i'd appreciate a post. (I know when to shift into 4x4, don't need no copmuter doing it for me LOL) Thanks for your time reading my post. I look forward to some info.

posted by  onebad302ranger

I hate any machine that thinks it's smarter than an educated user of it. I really wouldn't know how to turn it off, uless there's a switch ion the cabin. But I'm sure you've checked for that, and if you haven't already, you could read through the manual throughly, but vwhobo will probably give you an answer before you could do that.

posted by  jedimario

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