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The lock on the rear door hatch is stuck in the locked position after opening the door. We've recently had it to the dealer after fixing the driverside door sensor (dome lights, chimes and door locks would go off and on - they tracked it down to the driver sensor). Could this have anything to do with that? Does anyone have suggestions? Can we fix this ourselves? Thanks.

posted by  Tbill

unlikely to be that .... can you close the door? .... if you can, but haven't, don't do it before taking the interior panel off.

I assume it has central locking?
if so, and you can get the interior panel off, find the actuator. see if it looks like it would move (ie. does it feel like the actuator is the obstruction, or elsewhere in the locking mechanism?)

My guess would be that some mechanical part has siezed up in there. ... have a play around.

posted by  windsonian

when you use the power lock the hatch makes noise but does not unlock/unlock??
if so then the plastic gear in the lock mechanisim(motor) is broken/striped. the part cost me 80 buck for my 99 caravan and was fairly simple to replace couple of screws holding back panel and 2- 10mm bolts for the motor

posted by  osborste

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