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ok, following my skyline Vs corvette thread i now want to know the benifits and disadvantages of a '69 stingray that has been fully reconditioned and a 2002 Z06 vette. i would like to know all that is feasible about the two cars, i.e. running costs, reliability, saftey and credability. thanks alot... :thumbs: and any links to pages that can offer this infomation will be appreciated.. thanks again. :wink2:

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This is really a pretty simple one. While in my opinion the '69 wins in the cool factor department, that's a subjective area so it is just my opinion. Objectively I think you'll find the Z06 to be a better car in every respect. 30+ years of technology will do that.

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yeah, you see thats my problem here... before i was smitten with the Z06, but today i decided collage was far less fun than looking at cars so i went to an american garage and sat and stared at a red convertable '69 with black leather interior and a cream soft top. there is just no car on this planet to contest with those wonderful lines, every square inch of it has been lovingly designed BY HAND and that is what makes it so special to me, the Z06 wins in the speed, handling and saftey classes but the stingray just has this wonderful, casual and effortless coolness about it... another issue is i need to go on my parents insurance and they say i have to have airbags.. looks like the stingray wins the timeless coolness but the Z06 wins in this modern world.. oh well, maby i can save up and in years to come i can have a stingray too.. :thumbs: anyway, keep the opinions coming, i may be able to convince them that i don't need airbags...

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I would say that the newwer ones have a warmer heater and a colder A/C. :-)

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...a warmer heater? :doh:

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And a colder A/C. Don't drop the ball! :roll:

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wow.. i'm really won over now.. :laughing: :laughing: well, suppose someone had to have the most stupid comment.. :joking: :thumbs:

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anyone got stats or a good link to them on a late 60's / early 70's stingray with particular intrest to a 427 stringray...?

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the aluminum 427's are soooooooo nice

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yeah. i know.. thats why i want links to find more about them.. :roll: (i dispare...) :joking: :laughing: :thumbs:

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well, this is my 200th post.. :clap: .. might as well make it a pointless one.. :hi: ..he he he.. Vettes rule!! :laughing: :thumbs: :laughing:

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Here is my take:

"Totally different animals" in three words!

'69-72 (early C3's, as C3 went from 1968 to 1982...there was not production 1983 Corvettes) are now starting to rise in value dramatically. The Z06 can only fall in value (many made, and the C6 will almost match the performance envelope to about 1 to 2 seconds in lap times on the race course according to sources at GM.

If you want to race with some very current, the ZO6 is the toy. If you want the classic cool factor, the C3's are becoming more and more desirable.

C3's are ancient from a technology standpoint. In fact, the big breakthrough in technology for Corvettes didn't happen until the C4 introduction.

If you want to learn more about C3's join CorvetteForum and hang out in the C3 group, the guys there will answer any possible question you could imagine on C3's.


(1990 ZF 6 speed Black Corvette Coupe) (known as a C4)

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