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My passanger side windshield wiper skips most of my winshield. I looked into getting a new arm for it, but they want $90 each! I drive a 92 Ford Festiva, and can't justify spending that much. I tried bending it in, but that didn't work either. Then I saw online something called "surewipe". They are kinda like springs that hold the arm down with more strength. Sounds good, right? It seems that they make the springs for every type of car but mine! :ugh
Any other thoughts?

posted by  fortunot

Not sure of what this spring is, but what do you mean by misses? It sounds like you just need new windshield wipers, something that is neither very hard nor very expensive to replace.

posted by  Nissan_Altima

by "misses" I mean that the middle of the wiper blade doesn't come in contact with the windshield. I have new wiper blades, good ones, but it doesn't help. I was told that over time the spring in the arm gets weak, causing lifting and missing. I can't afford new arms. I don't know what else may help though.

posted by  fortunot

why dont ya just go to the junkyard and try for a better set, or ebay?

posted by  adamc44

Just go to your local pick a part and get one, they can't want more than 5 bucks for it.

posted by  x1/9-rally

Try getting new blades first, before you try to replace the whole arm. If that doesn't work:

a) bend them some more
b) get new springs
c) get new arms

posted by  windsonian

Id buy a new car if I were you(Im not rich). :thumbs:

posted by  nightroad

dont waste your money just buy new refils

posted by  AutoPro

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