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i just recently installed a blow off valve. well my friend took off the oil line for the turbo an when he put it back on. it was leaking and all the oil leaked out of my car. well i took off the bolt an put it back on it stopped leaking, but everytime i drive somewhere an park for a little while i have a few drops of oil on the ground. can someone PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!! :banghead:

posted by  scootdigity

I don't quite understand what a BOV has to do with the banjo on a turbocharger? I hope you didn't run your turbocharger without oil?

posted by  Wally

Yes, a BOV has nothing to do with oil leaking from the supply/return lines of your turbocharger. Chances are you still did not remedy the problem. You are likely still leaking oil from the original location, it would be a good idea to remove the banjo bolt, clean all surfaces well, and perhaps replace the crush washers, assemble, torque properly.

posted by  Bino

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