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Hi, to introduce the problem let me start out with what i am working with,

* 1990 300ZX Non-Turbo V-6 3.0
* 95,000 Miles
* Automatic (if it matters)
* Right side cat-back has 2 holes in it (ill fix it soon)
* I have already tried pouring the stuff you pur into the gas tank (forgot what its called)
* I always use be most expensive gas (premium)

O.K. so to the problem, when i start my car it dies if i dont give it some throttle until it warms up. I hold the throttle down to about 1,000 RPM. after about a minute i can slowly let off throttle and let it idle on its own. I know that when an engine is cold it can do that sometimes and it is pretty cold here. Anyways thats not the main problem, the main problem is that when i come to a complete stop and then apply throttle to move again the rpms drop to about 500PRM almost dies, you wait about 1 second and then it regains life and drives off strong. This also happens when im on the highway and i want to pass quickly or when i apply 100% throttle it also does this lags a little and then takes off strong. Do you think this is because of the exaust not being sealed? I have noticed that there is small holes and cracks in it, i am going to replace it after i get my next pay check. But before I do this problem might be more important. Thanks for the help!

posted by  Kris

First answer these two questions...
Why did you post in Domestic Cars?
Why did you post in two different sections? :doh:

posted by  chris_knows

So that more people will see my problem and help me solve it faster. Its not liek im asking how to rebuild a import car engine. Someone from domestic forums might know the problem to this.

posted by  Kris

You posted this in 2 subforums. Neither of those two were the correct place to post it.

I think I know what's wrong with your engine, but I'm not giving you any help until you open a topic in the correct area.

posted by  Godlaus

Read it (http://www.car-forums.com/talk/showthread.php?p=166069#post166069) right here.

posted by  vwhobo

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