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Well since your mailbox is full... lol

I planned on buying a Hayne's manual anyway, so I'll do that. You really think I'll get raped for that other stuff? Why do you say that? And wouldn't I have a better shot at a dealership than a chop shop to get the stuff done right? I don't know how many if any or really how to find any Ford specialists around. What if I could make it up to Baltimore, could I pay you to do it?

posted by  Pythias

Yes, dealerships charge more money. Dealers make 80% of their income off of service, and they tend to not want to overlook minort things that YOU can take car of or dont' realy need to be taken care of. And they charge full boat for everything they do. PLUS, they don't want to work on older cars like that. On top of thta, you'd be surprised how often the dealer service department gets things wong.

Seriously, taking it to a dealer for work like you want is throwing money away.

There are a LOT of independent service shops that aren't "chop shops." Do a bit of homework and you'll find one (talking to customers, etc)

posted by  ChrisV

Alright thanks for the advice.

posted by  Pythias

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