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I am thinking about buying a police car.. In the last few months that I joined I was thinking of buying a Sunfire. I heard some good and bad about those cars so I decided to Broaden my horizons to a Police car.. Not only can I get a car.. I can get them spiffy cool lights on top sometimes...

Anyway I had a conversation with eBay motors guy.. here is what was said.

I am ed19627

Now on this I have mentioned I have seen some cars in the police business go to well over 2 or 300,000 miles. which is true. My friend's dad had a police car last him about 15 yrs driving about 20,000 miles a yr.

Now my question to you car gods out there. Would you buy one.. If so why.. and If not why..

posted by  DeathGoth

Any car that can last 150 yrs..... at 20k miles a yr... I'd buy. I mean isn't that 3 million miles?

posted by  Pythias

To clarify that was suppost to be 15 yrs.. I will fix it now.

posted by  DeathGoth

I guess it sounds pretty sweet, but vague...what kind of police car are you thinking of getting?

Also, are those lights really street legal, and isn't it illegal to have a police car if you're not a cop? J/W

posted by  chris_knows

Here is a jist of what I want to get. me=STRK:MEWA:IT me=STRK:MEWA:IT me=STRK:MEWA:IT

This one here is one sexy car, But i cant afford it. 03602400QQcategoryZ6236QQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem

And yes 2 of these cars come with lights on them.

You would have to check your local laws on that one... I do know however they are Illegal here.. But they would be some kick ass party lights.. Sorry a weird light collector kinda guy.. I got a huge ass lava lamp and a big ass plasma ball and a plasma light on which the replacement bulb is 100 bucks. So the lights are more of a collector kinda thing.

posted by  DeathGoth

They do look pretty cool, but it would be a bitch not being able to open the passenger doors from the inside...I'm pretty sure laws everywhere are the same on the lights...

posted by  chris_knows

This door thing is the cool part.. I have 2 kids who like to touch buttons.. If that happens they wont open the doors.. how cool is that.

posted by  DeathGoth

Ahh, forgot about the kids...that would be a pretty cool gadget them...

posted by  chris_knows

Ok cool, thanx Chris_Knows. Anyone else with comments about this..
Anything bad about these cars..

From what I do know since they are city property most of these cars are taken care of extensively.. considering we hardly ever see them off the road.. I lived by a police station for a lil over a yr, the only car that is out of service is the car that is being replace by a new one.. I have however seen this out of service car move a few times.. As for wondering how. Police cars have specific #'s on them.. Kinda like "Car 55 where are you??" something like that..

I agree these cars get the piss beat out of them, but they also get careed for better than most people take car of thier kids.. as a literal statement..

So my question stainds would you by a used police car or would you not??? Reason why you wouldnt.

posted by  DeathGoth

I trained to be a PO for 3 years with Oakland county sheriffs department while I was in HS... I can tell you 2 things about cops and their cars 1. They beat the living snot out of them on a daily basis and 2. They have the routine maintenance done on time.

So they have a strike against them and a strike for them... that’s all I have for you but I hope it helps in some little way.

posted by  TheFieroKid

Well I wouldn't go for that Mustang anyway. Import tailights, 6cyclinder with a 150 shot? DEFINITELY wouldn't touch that, you don't knwo who many times it's been juiced. As for the Crown Vics,pretty solid cars all in all, I woulnd't be afraid of mileage on those. But if the lights ARE Illegal then won't you have to spend money having them taken off your car? If so I wouldn't buy one that has them I don't know its up to you.

posted by  Pythias

You guys are so oblivious :roll:

This is obviously an advertising scheme.

posted by  Godlaus

Go for the Crown Victoria= Well made and can last you for a long time with good maintenance of course. Buying it though, you'll have to find out why its being sold because the police/or owner wouldn't get rid of it unless for 2 reasons(that i can think of)= They got a newer model, too many problems and not worth fixing. :sleep:

posted by  nightroad

This is you acting like an ass

This is you getting owned.. (Sorry been waiting like 3 yrs to say that.)

Now that's interesting.. As a spammer they rarely add a sig.. Opps.. and 2 they don't join a forum months ahead and talk about how crappy their recent car is and they would like to get a Sunfire... opps a CV... or police car or whatever..

Next time you make accusations back it up..

Any Questions??

This has been a public service announcement.. back to you regularly scheduled thread.

posted by  DeathGoth

Is it just me, or does anybody else hate those x cop cars as they look like the real deal from the side or in your rear view mirror??? :cussing:

posted by  elchango36

I've actually thought about buying one before (althought I don't have the money). Could also have alittle fun with it (park on the side of the highway and just sit there with the car running).

I actually like the Black undercover ones like these:
2002 ( Police-Interceptor-Blue-CLEAN_W0QQitemZ4604789761QQcategoryZ6227QQrdZ1QQcmd ZViewItem)
1999 ( uy-it-Now_W0QQitemZ4604709274QQcategoryZ6227QQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem)
Just put some clear corners on the front (and maybe black out the tails) and it'd looks pretty nice.

I'd go for one because they have the Interceptor Package on them so as far as I know they have a 'beefier' suspension and more powerful engine in them.

posted by  car_crazy89

This is you getting owned.. (Sorry been waiting like 12 hours to say that.)

1. Spammers hit large forums regularly. I see accounts that are made for multiple spammers on other forums.

2. A spammers trying to be taken seriously will make a sig. Most of the time promoting something else, but sometimes something of their own preference.

3. That "Conversation" with the ebay guy is clearly an advertising convo. It's painfully obvious. Also, you say that;

That's you trying to close us on a sale.

Anything else you want me to back up?
Regardless, if you keep on posting outside of this thread, I'll drop the presumption that you are an advertiser.

posted by  Godlaus

SO a car illiterate moron comes in and states that they are wondering about a certain car.. that is advertising???? Where where you when I was asking about the Pontic Sunfire?? Let me guess that didnt seem to be spamming??

Last I checked someone wanted references to what the hell I was talking about.. Probably they thought I might have meant the old Dodges, maybe the old Ford LTD's or hell maybe even the Intrepid.. Or even the Camaro or Mustang the police use..

So I gave references, If you also notice the cars I did Mention ARE NOT FROM THE SAME PERSON..

So stfu and learn something, cause not everyone is out to make a buck.. I am simply asking advice from the many knowledgeable people on this forum..

Also your statements are weak, I stated a friend had a car for 2 or 300,000 miles.. Maybe his father did something special to the car.. like bought it from some kinda spammer or something..

Case in point. a-P-71-97_W0QQitemZ4604703501QQcategoryZ6227QQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem ION_W0QQitemZ4603839732QQcategoryZ6227QQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem QitemZ4604202569QQcategoryZ6162QQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem

So Godlaus Did we learn anything today???

I Am just wondering what others think of the Police Cars as a car. That is it..

posted by  DeathGoth

Reminds me of the car from the movie below...

posted by  ChromeDome

I didn't bother doing a full background check on your internet activity and your activity on this among other forums. You had a low post count, which tells me that you were posting very little, or in concetrated amounts.

Where did I say that you were advertising for the same person?

And you'd best to not bite the hand that feeds you. And I'm one to inform people when they're being played by a tricky advertiser.

You're an inbreed?
You see, now you;'re trying to pick a fight. I gave you an option out of this. I clearly stated;

But, apparently, that wasn't enough for you. My offer still stands. Or do you want me to feed you your own ass?

posted by  Godlaus

I think a lot of people have it right when they say they've got something for them, but something against them. You got fleet maintenance, but they do get hammered. I dont know too much about the newer cars, but I might suggest the old Dodge Diplomats. They're dirt cheap and plenty reliable and roomy (and huge). The cop cars had 318 4 barrel V8's, the normal ones were 2 bbl V-8's. Most I have seen last about 200,000 to 250,000 miles or if your lucky they can last beyond that. However, they get crap for gas mileage, like 10-13 mpg, possibly better. Then again they may not be what your looking for, just a suggestion.

posted by  Pinstriper38


I decided on some of what you have said, so therefor my eBay advertiser ass went and got a 93 Cutlass Supreme S or SL I don't know wtf is up wit that. it says SL on the car but S on the title.

Anyway everyone except Godlaus the stupid moron who couldn't help anyone if his life depended on it,

Thanks for the replies.

But I still want one cause of what ChromeDome said, for some reason I want one that is black and white.

posted by  DeathGoth

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