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I have been told that I may not have to compleatly pull the transaxle on my 93 escort to change the clutch. If that is the case what would be ther easiest way to go about changing it out?

posted by  treeshady

The easiest way is to remove the transaxle. That is unless you have the super special, limited edition, clutch removal trap door intalled at the factory on your car.

For future reference, whoever gave you that "information", ignore everything they have to say.

posted by  vwhobo

You didn't know you could just loosen the bolts up halfway and slide a new one in?

posted by  bigfrye

LOL Your joking right? And Hobo is right, your friend is on crack. Just pull the transaxle and save yourself some time and pain from broken knuckles. Keep in mind that you should inspect the flywheel and pressure plate for cracks and you have to get a clutch alignment tool in there too, which will be all but impossible to do with the transaxle up in there.

posted by  x1/9-rally

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