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Alright my friend is looking at a 1995 Pontiac Firebird STD coupe. He wants to get that because he thinks it's fast and likes the way it looks and shiz. IMO i think that it's crap. I don't like it because of reviews i read about it being very expensive to maintain and keep in good condition. Also that the car doesn't get good MPG and that is important for us students. I'm rambling. So what do you think? $1500 give or take a few hundred with 106K miles on it.

http://images.autotrader.com/images/2006/1/14/195/255/34339945.195255682.IM 1.MAIN.565x421_A.562x421.jpg

posted by  95civicdima

The wheels don't look geat, is it a 3.4li or 3.8? VERY big differences between those motors, if it is the 3.4li no way, 3.8li its fine. Good gas mileage? For a 6cyc base model for a sports car they get pretty decent gas mileage. Other than the wheels it looks fine. Expensive to maintain? It's a 6cyc. It ain't expensive to maintain. If it were the 5.7li thats a different story. 106k miles if everything works properly runs nicely and is the 3.8li I'd take it. :2cents:

posted by  Pythias

In my experience they are expensive to maintain if the clutch goes out and you have somebody else do the work (Firehawk), or you put Z-Rated tires on it when the old ones wear out. Basically, they're no more expensive than anything else. The V8's get great mileage if you keep your foot out of them (impossible for most drivers), I have no idea why somebody would buy a V6 pony car.

posted by  Bino

It is the 5.7L.

Yea ok but it isn't it's the v8 and we're worried that it's gonna take to much gas. Also that of course we're gonna aren't gonna do it ourselves the guy isn't very knowledged in cars...at all i mean ...at all...

posted by  95civicdima

Wait wait wait 1995 Firebird with a V8 for 1500? Wtf? No way, go look up Kbb on that baby its at least TWICE as much. I'd say its a GREAT buy but WHY so low?
Ummmm yeah I got the retail on kbb at somewhere around 4300 so are you SURE it's the V8? If so I'd say buy it!

posted by  Pythias

as usual i'm wrong it is the v6

This is the link to the ad (http://autotrader.com/fyc/vdp.jsp?&min_price=1000&distance=0&dealer_id=573 88968&lang=sp&bkms=1138119372314&end_year=1995&address=18966&make=PONT&star t_year=1995&certified=&car_year=1995&car_id=195255682&cardist=10&isp=y&max_ price=2000&advanced=y&search_type=used&model=FBIRD#vdptop)

posted by  95civicdima

If it's the 3.8li go for it. 3.4li no.

posted by  Pythias

Trust Pythias on this one, he had a 3.4li Firebird. Lost to a Chevy Lumina, if I recall correctly. I dont see how anything that gets 28 mpg highway gets bad gas mileage though. The KBB value of this car is 5200 dollars, so if anything he could buy it and resell it, then buy a LT1 Camaro for under 4k.

posted by  OombaIsBack

Why so low? The paint's all scratched up across the front, the rear quarter panel in the driver's side is caved in, and that's just what's visible on this side. The miles are probably quite high, the interior is probably torn up, and there's probably a lot of little busted bits on it. Pass.

As for why buy a V6 ponycar, why not? No different than buying any other V6 sport coupe. Low dollars, good balance, cheap insurance, etc. I had the pleasure of autocrossing a V6 '89 Camaro RS. Very balanced car to drive and made a good daily driver with the 2.8 liter.

Kind of like this one, but with no pinstripe:


posted by  ChrisV

It did but that was not why it lost. I got rid of it because the engine was very messed up, someone who had no idea what they were doing got in there. It had somekind of vacuum leak and they said possibly around 800 dollars or more to repair the engine. They even dynoed it for me and it was putting out around 3/5's the power it should have been to the rear wheels. The O2 sensors were screwed as well, one starving for gas and the other pouring in rich I believe. That car was just messed up. A stock 3.4li would have taken the Lumina but regardless the 3.4li engine was only in production 3 years if I recall, only 1 year before they came out with the 3.8. All I'm saying is I wouldn't trust the 3.4li engine, mine was a little different though seeing as how it was so screwed up. I just threw it up on ebay and let someone else deal with the problem :thumbs:

posted by  Pythias

Link him to www.carsurvey.org
It has user reviews of all cars by its owners. Sounds good to me though. Price is kinda suspicious.

posted by  newyorker

In my opinion it defeats the purpose. I've read that the RS Camaro's were better suited to autocrossing than their V8 counterparts due to the improved balance of the car with the lighter motor. But, IMO, a Camaro isn't a good autocross car to begin with (in my opinion if you're going to autocross, get something with a short wheelbase). I drove around in a buddy of mine's '86ish IROC, it was fun (had a hell of a good time that week), but it had the turning radius of my truck (The car spent most of its life parked in the garage, so it was in fantastic shape).

Low dollar, good balance, cheap insurance... slow. The vehicle is designed for a V8 and they put the V6 in it to sell a few more of them. I think it's too much vehicle for the motor. But, that is just my opinion. My truck has a 5.0L Vortec V8 (1/2 ton 4X4), it's not nearly enough motor for the vehicle. When I step on the gas, the vehicle had better respond, otherwise I have no use for it.

My first vehicle was an '88 GMC S15 with the 2.8L V6 (low mileage, good shape). I realize the Camaro version was a bit different, but I have NO love for that motor.

I just fail to see the point... that's all.

posted by  Bino

from what i said about the mileage everyone disgreed and the reason i said that is because from what i learned by reading different reviews was that the car had a lot of mechanical problems. That the car was always having something needed to be done and that it was always affecting mileage. I apologize for not clearign that up before i said it.

posted by  95civicdima

Actually, if you've seen F Stock cars autocross, they do quite fine. Same for road racing. Iv'e built large domestic cars for autocross and find them just as suited. they are DIFFERENT than tiny agile cars, but not bad autocross cars.

That's just the reverse of people saying that my putting the V8 in the RX7 ruined it becasue it was designed for a smaller motor. Sorry, I accept cars AS BUILT as well as what they can become. And to me, the V6 ponycars are simply domestic versions of cars like teh 240 SX, 300ZX, and the like. 6 cyl, RWD sport coupes and yes, I consider them completely separate from their V8 bretheren. Sure tehy COULD be V8 cars, but I can literally say that about pretty much ANY car. I don't base whether I like a car on whether there's a faster or slower version avaiable from teh factory, or that I can build.

Which is almost opposite of what you say about cars that are small and agile, most of which are slower in a straight line than your truck. Even though I've had 600 hp street cars, the V6 RS felt just fine as a daily driver/sport coupe. But then again, I don't require every car I drive or like to be a drag racer to like it. My 6 cyl falcon could have been clocked with a sundial, and yet it was still fun...

The point is there's more to the fun car world than testosterone addled teenage boys needing every car to be a top fuel drag car. It's a reasonably good looking RWD car, cheap to buy, cheap to own, with more than adequate pep for street use and good insurance. It's point is the same as any OTHER V6 sport coupe, without the insurance stigma of being an actual sports car or GT.

posted by  ChrisV

I'm not going to argue with you, I was just lining out my reasons. I can understand if people see it differently. My truck is not an autoX vehicle, and therefore I prefer it to have a reasonable amount of power. A lot of power in an autoX vehicle isn't as beneficial as handling. If you're not going to have any power (like a V6 Camaro for autocrossing), you'd just as well get something with no power that has a decent turning radius. That's what I was getting at. But I really don't have a strong opinion about it.

posted by  Bino

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