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Hey there. I have a 99 grand prix gt, and I have these fog lamps and they just go out on me all the time. I finally came to the conclusion the other day that I just want to purchase a better fog lamp, or atleast a better bulb than the lousy halogens from autozone. Is there a fog lamp that anyone could recommend or a site that has a nice selection of things I could look at for my car? I would like somthing affordable (under $100 after shipping) that I wouldn't have to really do much with my wiring, and would be worth the money and worth the looks. Thanks a bunch,

::EDIT::Im looking for somthing cool too. Like the ultra white kind are nice or even a colored lamp is cool, like yellow or red. I just can't find a good place to look that carries a wide sort of selection.


posted by  Decimation

Hmmm I guess nobody knows. Thanks anyway.

posted by  Decimation

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