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Hey I was wondering what you guys all thought of this Cavalier
http://autotrader.com/fyc/vdp.jsp?car_id=195820895&dealer_id=57434339&car_y ear=1993&search_type=used&make=CHEV&model=&distance=75&address=20625&advanc ed=&certified=&bkms=1138884748198&max_price=2000&min_price=1&first_record=2 6&end_year=1999&start_year=1981&isp=y&pager.offset=25&lang=en&cardist=50

Lots of miles I know but how reliable would it be? For only 750$ I'd look into it to drive back and forth for College. Says it's in good running condition with new brakes all around. Just wondering what anyone thought of this car.`

posted by  Pythias

Looks pretty sweet...something like that would be good for a point A B car, but not sure if it would be too reliable...

posted by  chris_knows

True, I do need the car I want to get reliable, of course I would have a FULL tune up like I am getting on my mustang if I got this. But I don't want to be blwoing head gaskets or something so if anyone knows anything about this year of car please advise.

posted by  Pythias

KBB has it at 1,205 in Fair condition.

posted by  Pythias

I would never buy a car with that many miles. Especially not a bottom of the line American car.

posted by  OombaIsBack

You don't think it could last? :PP

posted by  Pythias

I wouldnt get it. My friend's cousin had the exact same Cavalier and 6-8 years ago it just fell apart. And seeing that thing with 200k miles on it is downright scary. Plus for a college car I'd get something that would get better gas mileage (non V6) and be very reliable. I'd look into a 92-95 Civic or a 90-92 Integra, maybe even a CRX if you want little more sport. My friend gets 38-40mpg very easily on the highway in his 94 DX hatch. Never had a problem with it either.

91 Acura Integra LS - $1290 (130k)
http://autotrader.com/fyc/vdp.jsp?car_id=193730224&dealer_id=595968&car_yea r=1991&search_type=used&make=ACURA&distance=75&model=INTEG&address=30281&ce rtified=&advanced=&max_price=2000&bkms=1139014853781&min_price=1&end_year=1 995&start_year=1984&isp=y&lang=en&cardist=21

posted by  thunderbird1100

I want something that I don't have to put much money into though, such as that requires a wiring harness alone. I won't be spending much on this car at all but it will be automatic is the only requirement.

posted by  Pythias

You wont have to put much money into a Honda/Acura with 125-150k miles on it. You'll be dumping money into a 200k mile Cavalier though.

IMO I'd spend the extra $500-$1000 and get a 125k-150k mile Honda/Acura, it would actually save you money in the long run over a $750 200k mile Cavalier. Think about gas mileage too...

The Cavalier gets 20/28mpg while say the Honda/Acuras get...
'90-'92 Integra - 24/28mpg (Will do 30+ on highway, seen it easily happen)
'92-'95 Civic SX hatch - 34/40mpg
'88-'91 CRX - 32/36mpg

See how much on gas you would save alone? Not to mention repairs.

posted by  thunderbird1100

I wouldnt buy it, thats a lot of miles and you're paying extra for the soft top (which is totally unnecessary for an A-B car). You could get something smaller, more reliable and less miles, with better fuel economy for the same price.

posted by  Mathew

Yup your right, and one of those cars I will most likely definitely look into in the summer when the time comes, one last question though, are there any major insurance differences that you know of between them all? When I go looking for a car I will get quotes from my policy on all 4 cars and see which is the cheapest because I can't simply turn off the insurance on my 'Stang

posted by  Pythias

Buy a NeOn

posted by  newyorker

I have a feeling the civic hatch will be cheapest, followed by the CRX followed by the Integra.

posted by  thunderbird1100

Take the advise that your title holds and go.

I wouldnt get it. Do what thunderbird said and get a Honda.

posted by  StiMan

Thanks thunderbird, and yes Stiman thats what I plan on doing, getting a decent Civic hatch. I was considering the Accord but I think it might be cheaper altogether to just go for the civic.

posted by  Pythias

Why dont YOU shut the hell up :thumbs:

posted by  newyorker

i've personally driven an Acura Integra 1991 LS. Its a lot like my civic so i like it. Getting a civic is a cool idea the hb's aren't really that great. They're nice on gas and stuff but power wise they suck bawls. I think the CX are like 109 hp or something along those lines. They got potential but what civic doesn't (supposedly). I would recommend to get the integra. Just my :2cents:

posted by  95civicdima

You dont need an Accord for a point A to point B car for just you and maybe a passenger. I love my 1990 Accord but it doesnt hold a candle to the MPG a 92-95 Civic DX hatch achieves. Matter fact what I get on the highway at best (32-34mpg) the 92-95 Civic DX hatch gets around the city. I know several people with 92-95 hatches and all get 38+mpg on the highway. Plus, insurance is a bit cheaper. Plus, a 92-95 DX hatch may only have 102hp, but it weighs under 2200lbs and is actually a click quicker than my 90 Accord is (that has 125hp). Plus the hatches are really kind of fun to drive being so lightweight. They can really handle suprisingly well with wider performance tires and just new springs. My friend went with 16x7" wheels and 215/50 rubber and has some cheap H & R springs on it and it handles like a lot of stock sporty cars I've driven.

posted by  thunderbird1100

The CX actually is way lower than that. The CX was the lowest hatch trim and had only 70hp from its 1.5L but weighed a paultry 2100lbs. The next step up was the DX with 102hp and weighed slightly more than the CX (maybe 20-30lbs). Then came the VX which again weighed about the same but had only 92hp and weighed about the same as the DX. The reason why the VX costed more was because it was the special "gas-saver" model (it got about 6-7 mpg better overall than the DX). Finally there's the SI with 125/127hp and weighed the most (Albeit again not much more than the rest). It was the only hatch with a 1.6L D16 as opposed to the 1.5L D15's the others had.

He's not looking for a performance car, he's looking for a commuter car. Therefore the Integra with much poorer mpg and higher insurance is less desirable.

The HB's are great for two reasons...

One being they got incredible gas mileage and one reason why they did was because they were so light, at least 100-150lbs lighter than a coupe or sedan Civic of the same year.

Second being they were so light that they are the most popular to mod and do motor swaps in. As lighter = faster. Why pay a few hundred dollars more for a used Civic DX Coupe that weighs 130lbs more than a used Civic CX hatch if all you're going to do is swap out the motor anyway? Plus the hatches are slightly more nimble in handling to begin with. Dont believe me? Drive a Civic EX (SI in canada) coupe, then drive a Civic SI hatch...both are the same trim level but the hatch feels it handles better. Same goes for the DX coupe vs. DX hatch.

posted by  thunderbird1100

Exactly why I said cheaper in the long run, but I recently did a quick search on autotrader, couldn't find many Civic's period. Does the Civic DX hatch come in 2 or 4 door or is it ONLY 4 door? If I could I'd have it 2 door.

posted by  Pythias

The Civic hatch only comes in 3-door (2 doors plus the rear tailgate). The only Civic hatches to have more than 3 doors were the 5 door wagons from the 80s (some of those even had 4wd).

posted by  thunderbird1100

how much can you get them hatches? or should you pay.. how about that.

posted by  vlc92189

Sweet, I just didn't want a 4 door, I think I'm set on this car then as long as i can find one in the summer, thanks again.

posted by  Pythias


Believe it or not, this is a 4 wheel drive Civic. And it came stock from the factory like this.

It's a 1991 Civic Wagon 4wd. Came with a 108hp 1.6L I4.

That's right, they had 4 wheel drive Civics.

posted by  thunderbird1100

Wow that I definitely did not know that. And I have nothing against 4 doors, only thing is it only adds weight and I don't think I'll be having alot of passengers so.

posted by  Pythias

Im not saying get one, im just showing for eye candy, and for everyone who always disses Honda for not being AWD in some vehicles but rather FWD only. Honda had 4wd Civics in the 80s!

posted by  thunderbird1100

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