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What u guys think of the new caddis? I think they're getting much better quickly. My favs: Escalade, CTS, XLR, new STS soon.

Just a few years ago ( late '90s) the Caddi lineup had ( in my opinion) alot of ugly cars, ie. elderado, seville, catera. The new ones i c to be very stylish and bold (good mix) and seem to offer alot and compete closer with the german cars in many aspects in contrast with the not so older caddis.

Note: much respect for the '94-99 deville concours, i love the look.

posted by  GMC8100

yes the new cadillacs r definitely nice especially the cts and xlr
although i didn't mind the eldorado or seville sts
so i dunno what the :cussing: ur talkin about

posted by  nitehawk_87

and the catera couldve been schweet too with some minor mods

posted by  nitehawk_87

lmao, its hilarious to see caddy actually put some performance into their cars. but their designs certainly have gotten more artsy, and even attractive. amazing improvement over the 90s fo sho, but i still wouldnt touch one. :thumbs:

posted by  importluva

I must admit...the new Caddys are very cool...i'd "tap that" if you know what i mean.... :laughing:

posted by  SuperJew

Heck ya. Plus the Northstar system is a pretty sweet ride. I have drivien many and they are a pleasure to drive thats for sure

posted by  Voda48

Am I the only one who hates Cady's here?...maybe it's because I'm from the UK lol....I think the Escalade is far from good too, now I'm no fan of Landrover either...but IMHO the Range Rover is of far superior quality to the Escalade and is in the same price band..but that's just my opinion obviously :2cents:

posted by  Cliffy

I think GM fails to learn from their mistakes...they've again fallen into a case of "one-up-manship", against themselves nonetheless. The XLR is a pretty sweet car...caddy's performance marque, 2 seat, convert, rear-drive, 4.6DOHC in the ballpark of 300-320hp...and it's built off of a 'vette chassis....good deal right?

Well then comes the new vehicle retrofitted from the factory with a nice little LS-6...for those not familar with the LS-6, it's fresh out of the 'vette Z06. Now the engine has been "de-tuned" says caddy...but by how much? 5hp...hmmmmm....400hp CTS(12.90's-13.10's) and a 320hp XLR(14.00's-14.30's)...i know which one I choose!

kinda reminds you of the '87 GNX/ vette situation back in the day...does GM like screwing themselves or do they just have a very short-term memory???


posted by  Sick88Tbird

one question. can you fit four people in the XLR? i think not. the CTS-V and the XLR occupy different niches - you dont look at the XLR when you want to look for a 4-door sedan, and vice versa.

posted by  SuperJew

Yeah, the Ranger Rover looks better, is FAR FAR FAR superior inside but most of all it remains true to it's off road roots, nothing short of a Hummer will beat it..!

posted by  R34RB30DETTV

SuperJew...i think you misunderstood my main point...i wasn't comparing the CTS to the XLR, i was comparing the CTS/XLR to the GNX/vette of the late 80's.......The GNX seated four people and was faster than the vette in '87....same situation with the CTS-V and XLR...I just don't want to see the CTS-V disappear in two or three years like the GNX did. I think both caddy's should be able to co-exist in perfect harmony...unlike the GNX/vette in the late 80's.

posted by  Sick88Tbird

sick88Tbird, maybe CTS means "Converted To Succeed" :D

Yes, I actually pay attention to Cadillac; well, not all of if. I still think the Escallade is a joke, just a re-barged Chevy, but nonetheless it sells; sells quite well actually, being the best selling luxury vehicle over $40,000 in the US last year, so I assume they should keep it for all the dumys that didn't do there research when spending 40grand on a vehicle.

This is just the beginning I hope. Expect to see a Northstar V10 or V12 in the future. STS-V and XLR-V (there's already spyshots), and the next CTS-V will at least have 475hp, but just could be 600hp! Mercedes and BMW here we come, now if only Cadillac worked on the interiors.

posted by  cwzilly

yeah...i think the CTS is staying around for a while...i just read in AutoWeek that theyre planning on making a CTS-V Plus with over 600hp. now that is just :rock:

posted by  SuperJew

The new Caddys are much more better the the older ones(90-2000).My favorites so far has been the XLR and the CTS-V.

posted by  archangle

Cadillac's are sweet! Especially all the new models like the SRX, XLR, CTS, and STS! The new styling and their somewhat abundance of power combine greatly into an American car most people can enjoy!

My dad owns a '99 Seville STS, and I admit its a pretty sweet luxury sedan. Probably the coolest of the old Cadillac's.

Also, I have a question. Today I saw the new 2005 STS in traffic. I was not mistaken at all. The thing is, I heard it's supposed to come out this fall, and you can hardly get any information regarding it on the Cadillac website. Was it some sort of test car, or some lucky man with enough money to buy a pre-production car???

posted by  moostang104314

Those aren't to shabby I suppose; I've always liked the unique styling over others.

I just looked it up in the Motor Trend magazine I have, and it also says Fall 2004 :doh: . Are you sure you aren't mistaking a CTS or Deville? If you lived in the Detroite area this could mean something. Test editores can get a car early on to test (along with a license), such as the MotorTrend magazine, so just maybe that was one of them. I haven't read about it yet, but they take a STS against a BMW 5-series.

posted by  cwzilly

I was definitely NOT mistaken. It was about twice the size of a CTS, had SRX-like taillamps, and a front that looked extremely like the new STS's. I'm positive it was one!

And, no, I don't live near Detroit. I'm from around Chicago, so it could've been a test for Motor Trend or whatever. But, it seemed to be pulling into an amusement park? (A little puzzling...)

Yeah, it's supposed to be a competitor for the 5-Series/E-Class range!!!

posted by  moostang104314

Maybe if they release more photos of the STS with what appears to be a fair background I WILL think of you.. :thumbs:

They really liked the car! They give it a better overall ride/handling for the STS over the 5-series (noting this STS is equipped with the magnetic shocks). The transmission seams better also oddly, in there views. They said the steering in the 5-series was a little "retarded"; referring to it's active steering which can change it's linearity (not good for track, or autobahn's). Of course these cars are more than likely to be driven as a "daily" driver rather than taken to the track. Sure the 5-series is more aggressive and quicker, but maybe the STS is more practical and substail; still, both are powerful. I don't know, this is more of a luxury sedan than sports car?

Loving it, thank you Bob and other important people behind GM for wakening Cadillac from the dead; finally RWD!! With the public see this though? Lexus will still sell, and I've seen a lot of FWD Acura TL's lately *shrugs*; will Cadillac still survive by old people that simply base off "American heritage" by buying old time American cars such as the boring and dole Buick, and the much improved, but still wearing the "cadillac badge" Cadillac, or will there be prominaunce with Caddy? I don't know; maybe a more clear path will show when Cadillac shows there BMW 7-series competition latter on (possibly a V12 engine :screwy: ).

posted by  cwzilly

Agreed. I am quite impressed by the XLR, which is the only one I'd drive, but hey.... they are all still nice- especially with the Northstar engines.

Hey now, don't poke fun. I liked the El Dorado and the Catera. It zigs, you know. I must admit- the Catera was reminescent of a Kia Sephia in my opinion, but that may just be me. It would have made an awfully nice Kia, though! It could have even put the new Optima to shame with it's standard 458,995 airbags plus lambswool seatcover and a 563 disk cd-changer all for an MSRP of $500. Sorry, that was mean. I just think that Kia is retarded for trying to make a "luxury" vehicle with 600 million standard features for some ridiculously cheap price. But hey- that's Kia for you. Sorry to get off topic.

posted by  Patrick

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