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Hey everyone, I'm new to this forum, a friend of mine comes here sometimes and I just saved the link.. anyway, I was wondering if anyone has information on a 97 Chevy Cavalier LS Convertible, I'm thinking about buying a used one for $2,495 but since it'll be my first car I want to make sure it'll be a good buy. Anyone know of any problems with the car?


edit: here's the link =1997&search_type=used&make=any&distance=25&transmission=&address=18974&adv anced=y&certified=&max_mileage=100000&bkms=1139429495881&max_price=3500&min _price=1200&first_record=126&end_year=2006&color=&start_year=1990&drive=&is p=y&pager.offset=125&engine=&lang=&fuel=&doors=&cardist=14

posted by  snodoodle

I think its trash. High miles for that kinda car. I got my Neon with 62k so thats more or less fine. The cavalier has 2.4 liter engine correct? I hear that the 2.4 or the "quad four" engine has problems that come around with 80k+ miles. I would take it to your mechanic for an examination, because thats what I did with every car I looked at when I was shopping. If they wont let you do it, they are hiding sometihng.:2cents:

posted by  newyorker

i dont think its called a quad 4 anymore. the 2.3 is trash. the 2.4 is no worse than the 2.2

posted by  glagon1979

alright i'll take that into consideration, thanks for the fast reply :ticking:

posted by  snodoodle

Its a good deal for those little things, I got a 91 wagon with the 4 cylinder and she still runs like a beast, no problems really (except for accident which cause a loose motor mount) after 135k miles

posted by  99integra

Seems like a fine deal to me. Those Cavy convertables just looks so awkward to me.

posted by  OombaIsBack

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