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how much could i sell it for. 170000 miles. would i be good just keeping the car and rebilding it. and could someonetell me how to put pics on here

posted by  zackman

Has it got a full service history?

How many owners has it had?

What extras does it have? ie; A/C, electrics etc

Not sure on it's relevence where you are, but does it have a road worthyness certifificate like an MoT?

What condition is it in?

All these points need addressing before we can answer

posted by  Cliffy

se or gt? and how much do you want?

posted by  Aondor

Assuming it's in fair condition...

SE - $1100 min $2000 max
GT - $1500 min $ 2400 max

posted by  thunderbird1100

it is a se. it has the bair middimom. it is in fair condition. the engen is about to get rebilt:2cents: :2cents: :2cents:

posted by  zackman

Don't worry about selling your car, just go take some spelling lessons.:banghead:

posted by  vwhobo

using that logic, maybe he needs to sell the car to pay for spelling lessons? :laughing:

kidding. really, i am.

posted by  pik_d

Ask $2000, you might be able to get about $1400-$1600 for it.

posted by  thunderbird1100

its not i cant spell it is i cant type. im trying to go FAST so:fu: :fu: :fu: :fu: :fu: :fu: :fu: :fu:

posted by  zackman

So you're typing lazy to save like 5-10 seconds?...

posted by  chris_knows

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