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Anyway, I have a few things with this car.

I want to upgrade this car really bad, I am going to have a guy in FL paint the car for about 5g.(I live in PA.) But I want to take care of some of the upgrading on the engine now. I was out on a desolate highway at 3am to test the car out. I was going to top the speedometer out at 120mph as it read but for some reason after it hit 106 it dropped and made me got about 100, I continued to do this 2 more times.

I am wondering what that is?? Since this is the 1st car I have owned in the 90's I was wondering if it was some type of safety computer chip or something, and is there something I would know about.

2nd thing. I think for 1st part I would need to acquire a performance chip. Any sites for those.

And 3rd well the car is cool. but is it hard to change over the electrical computer crap in the car?? remember 1st car i have owned since 1987.

Thanks for the help guys.

posted by  DeathGoth

well I believe it wont let you top out because of a Govoner chip it wont allow you to rev that high so it slows you done 2nd Im not sure on what site to get rid of it but Im sure if you went to a Performance shop they could tell you and 3rd I dont really know if its hard to change the electrical but probly since its electrical stuff lol.. I hope thats all right ^^

posted by  BestInterest

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