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Hello guys, its been a while but Im back! Now I need to ask a favor of you...

My dad has bought me a 1991 Geo Storm GSi as a first car. Its a 5-speed. I want to know what the stock specifications were on these cars (horsepower, torque, 0-60, and 1/4 mile being my biggest concerns).

Thanks for helping me out, I think I'll be coming around more often now!:mrgreen:

posted by  SlipKnoT

0-60: 10.5secs
Output: 130bhp@7000rpm
Torque: 102lb@5800
mgg: 26-34 Urban/Highway
Range: 322.4/421.6miles Urban/Highway

That's all I could find!

posted by  Cliffy

1.6 liter I4, 130hp @ 7000rpm, 102 lb ft of torque at 5800rpm, turning circle: 32.2ft, fuel tank capacity: 12.4 gallons, 25 mpg / 33 mpg, cruising range: 310 mi. / 409.2 mi, and FWD

posted by  99integra

hehehe.... Geo..... i cant stop chuckling. i didnt know there were still more out there left.

posted by  Inygknok

Thanks guys! I should be getting it either today or tomorrow :mrgreen: As soon as I do, I'll post some pictures.

posted by  SlipKnoT

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