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hey I've got a 88 Cutlass I was told it has a 350 in it .. I bought some valve covers for it and chev 350 valve covers d idnt have the same bolt pattern so then I bought some olds 350 valvle covers but the bolt pattern was different with that also.. there was to many holes in the valvle covers left open(with the olds covers) the chevs didnt have remotly close to the same bolt pattern...

the bolt pattern is 2 bolts on the top and 3 on the bottom I really cant figure this out :S can anyone help I've been told it might be a pontiac 350 but im not sure any ideas would help thanks

posted by  BestInterest

Hi Best, Gm did lot of motor changes in those years , might try takeing the vin number with you an try some where like Napa auto parts , see if they can match it up for you , the 8th no. is the motor number in the vin. good luck Slimone

posted by  Slimone

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