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So yeah.... I bought that 83 dodge aries for $100... It actually runs, but the turn signals don't work.
Instead of spending all the money to buy the real arm, and try to figure out how that goes in. I want to put a toggle switch on the dash to control the blinkers.
Does anyone know, or have a wiring diagram that could explain what color wires coming into the steering column are the ones for the turn signals?
I know this is an akward question, but it seems like an easy thing to do, as long as I know what wires to connect to the switch.
Thanks yall!

posted by  BlueMeanie

im pretty sure i can get one....ill PM it to u

posted by  Tech_N9ne


posted by  BlueMeanie

did you check your blinkerfluid, it might just be low

posted by  adamc44

nah i cant get one...our program goes back to 83' but nothing for the multifunction switch or turn signals....sorry:ohcrap:

posted by  Tech_N9ne

Can anyone think of a way to find out which wires I'm looking for, without ripping them all out? I suppose I could take apart my steering column... or would tracing them from the flasher relay be accurate? Argh, I hate this kind of work.

posted by  BlueMeanie

I'll check the Haynes we have in a moment...my sister had an older Aries a while back.....

posted by  dodgerforlife

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