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Finally started installing my turbo today:thumbs:

Started with all this crap




Ic should make it in tomorrow if I can get the all the oil plumbing done soon.

posted by  TokyoJoe

looks good :thumbs:

posted by  mnerat

Yeah, she looks pretty nice, keep us updated with what happens to her :mrgreen:

posted by  chris_knows

That a pontiac?

posted by  GonnaDie4TheGov

I hope you have enough Coronas to get you through :wink2:

posted by  Mathew

You sarcastic bastard :smoke:

posted by  GonnaDie4TheGov

Hehe. Super Bowl Party leftovers:laughing:

1998 Pontiac GTP

Well I got the oil lines and the motor put back together when the damn rain came. Hopefully I can find time to put the IC in this week or at least by the weekend and see how she runs.

posted by  TokyoJoe

isint the gtp already supercharged?
sounds pretty good

posted by  nighthawk

Yep, but as you can see in the pics the snout and rotors have been removed and a blockoff plate has been installed. The casing outlet was hogged out and is now just a reg intake manifold.

Finally a weekend off! Here are some more pics.

Oil feed and return lines ran and everything starting to get hooked back up

Meziere in and wired up

Aluminum oversized radiator in

Front end off and IC brackets on

That was it for today. Started getting dark and I was getting tired. Hopefully I can get the IC finished tomorrow and start it up:twisted:

posted by  TokyoJoe

Looking good hopefully it will be done soon. :thumbs:

posted by  Benson

Still have a few little things to do and a really good once or twice over to make sure I didn't forget something then it's time to crank her up.





After I took the pics I notice the bottom left bracket for the IC is a little crooked and I'm gonna have to fix that but at the moment I don't really care. I just wanna get it driving[:D]

posted by  TokyoJoe

Dude, she looks MEAN :twisted: !!!

posted by  elchango36

Thanks man. Hey I sent you an email BTW. Better hurry!!

posted by  TokyoJoe

Looks good. :clap: Are you going to dyno it anytime soon?

posted by  Benson

I'm gonna have to play with it for a while until I get everything tuned in properly. Plus my transmission next on the list and I will start on that in a couple of weeks. So once all that is set I will head to the dyno. My goal is to run between 17-20psi on pump gas. Shooting for 450+whp and 550+tq at the wheels :rock:

posted by  TokyoJoe

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