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What do you guys think of the S-10 Xtreme 4.3L extended cab 5 speed manual (or maybe auto)? Has anyone ever ridden in one? It has been one of my top choices for a first car FOREVER and I really think it looks sweet but I want something thats kinda fast and fun to drive - what do you think of this?

posted by  Shift4

im not sure that they have a manual shift for the extreme at least ive never seen one....

posted by  adamc44

They do. . . I was looking into Z28's and WRX's for a while thinking "I need a really fast car" but if I get something that fast for my first car, where is there left to go? I have nothing else to buy thats faster for a next car that would be in my budget so I can start slow and work up!

What do you think of it though, has anyone ever ridden in one?

posted by  Shift4

I have, and they are.........ok. not my cup of tea though.

posted by  glagon1979

4.3 gas mileage kiinda sucks. In my opinion, they aren't fast enough to warrant it. Maybe the mileage/performance is alot better on 2wd trucks than the blazers, but maybe not. I don't really know. I do know that if I had a truck, fast or not, I wouldn't want it scraping on everything, but everyone has their own tastes.

posted by  VG30DE

If you like trucks and going fast Typhoon/Cyclone is the way to go. Well they're not really trucks but can be built to be VERY fast.

Sorry, no experience on the Extreme

posted by  TokyoJoe

Yeah, Sy's and Ty's are really sweet but theyre not reliable and are hard to find so thats out. I wouldnt mind a few more opinions on the S-10 Xtreme 4.3L though. . .

posted by  Shift4

I just realized that the seat doesn’t go up and down. . . :-/ That really sucks because I have long legs so I may sit short in the seat - has anyone here ever ridden in one - was the seat pretty high up??

posted by  Shift4

Alright, still looking for opinions of the S-10 Xtreme as a first car. . .

posted by  Shift4

i say get an Xtreme and buy an LS1 and stick it in there, i heard it is a pretty easy swap and it would probably get better gas milage(high torque-low weight) as for the seats i say put in two racing seats in the front & securly/legally secure them to the floor thatll get rid of the height if its a problem besides who is going to sit in the back anyways?

posted by  carfanatic21

four words: don't ... buy ... a ... chevy.

posted by  musclecarneon

And why is that?

posted by  hondaman

I think it's just narrow mindedness myself! :thumbs:

posted by  Cliffy

I'd say you're probably right. :ohcrap:

posted by  hondaman

I'd say he probably left :laughing:

posted by  chris_knows

High torque+Low weight=Good luck keeping the ass end planted

posted by  99integra

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