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Since Cliffy closed the other before I could respond again... While it may not be your cup of tea, the Charger, like the 300C, will swallow up very large diameter wheels without a problem. So for those that said it woudl need to be raised up to fit 23s, here's 24s and more...

posted by  ChrisV

I figured it could be done,
its a great platform to bling upon (made up my own term:mrgreen: )

and that last one, amazing, they absolutley NEED to make a 2dr charger
even if they bring the challenger back:2cents:

posted by  nighthawk

On the last pic it doesn't look like a 4 door. It sort of looks like they welded the doors shut and shaved the door handles.

posted by  Benson

The difference between these Chargers and the other one is that these aren't just a Charger with big wheels, but they've also got some nice visual mods :2cents:

posted by  chris_knows

I didnt ever doubt the Charger could take 24's as the 300 can and the Charger is basically a 300 with a few cosmetic changes for the most part (Wheelbase I believe is slightly different no?).

posted by  thunderbird1100

Sure, they can sit there and look nice. But here was my point in the other thread, Can you drive it up and down the streets just like you would with it's stock wheels (i.e. No tire rubbing)???

posted by  elchango36

Slightly shorter if I'm not mistaken, the LY wheelbase.

posted by  dodgerforlife

....they made it into a two-door. your eyes aren't playing tricks on you.

posted by  dodgerforlife

Looks like a lot of work (as it doesn't look like the rear door(s) were just welded, the front one looks bigger.. or window area looks smaller).

posted by  car_crazy89

its actually completly re-done, look at how the roof's been lowered too:drool:

posted by  nighthawk

the chope the chrysler chop top hmmm like OMG! GUYZ! its a real hot rod they actualy did there own work and didn't rely on cheap bolt ons

posted by  Aondor

Yes, the last one has been completely reworked. it was done by West Coast Customs. They removed 8 inches from the length, and lengthened the front doors by a similar amount to make a coupe. Funny thing is that over at the Charger forums (where I went looking for some SEMA pics) they hate the thought of a 2 door Charger, unlike every other forum on the planet.. ;)

And yes, elchango, you can drive them around like that. I've lived with cars that had an inch and a half of ground clearance, and cars that were lowered over wheels more thna those Chargers. No, you can't go 4x4ing, but on normal roads, it's not an issue. In fact, most of the things you described in teh other thread were inaccurate.

"You'd have to lift "your Charger" in order to properly fit 23's. Not too mention they slow you down, decrease gas mileage, add wieght, and decrease your turning radius."

The wheels may be larger, but the tires are smaller. The tires weigh more than the wheels so even though you increase the wheel weight, you decrease teh tire weight, making it a wash. None of these cars were lifted and all of them fit properly. None of them will decrease gas mileage (and in fact, if they are slightly larger overall diameter, then they reduce the gear ratio making for lower highway rpms, increasing fuel mileage...). And NO one who puts on wheels like this will notice if they do decrease accelleration to 60 by a tenth of a second (which would be the most that would happen). The Hemi ones have enough power to roast the tires anyhow, and that doesn't change. In fact, there's a good possibility that the tires are grippier, and thus you can use more of the power the engine already has making it quicker. Though anyone building a custom cruiser really doesn't care.

posted by  ChrisV

It's because they are already stuck with a depreciating ugly 4-door version :orglaugh:

posted by  thunderbird1100

That may apply to highway, but in stop and go traffic it will decrease gas mileage minimally.

posted by  PontiacFan27

i think the last one(Orange in color) looks the best

posted by  mx3_monster

Stop and go traffic decreases mileage by itself. And maybe some stop and go traffic decreases it slightly mor ethan others. In any rate, the traffic itself is more of a factor than the wheels/tires. If youre sittling idling in traffic, it doen't matter if you have 13" diameter tires or 57" diameter tires. you're not moving.

Seriously, there's more difference in how much pizza you had for dinner the night before. In a 3700+ lb car, 2-10 lbs either way is NOT going to make a measurable difference. Do the math. what percentage of the total weight the enigne has to move is that? Add/subtract that percentage from the city mileage.

posted by  ChrisV

Thats why I said minimally. Its not noticable, but its still there. The added recipricating mass will make it work just a little bit harder to get moving.

posted by  PontiacFan27

But will a Hemi notice it? Will it notice your fat ass more? ;) Seriously, it's not enough to even mention as a talking or debating point. The number of bug guts on the windshield is as important to the accelleration of a street car.

I.e. it's not worth bringing up and muddying the issue with. Might as well debate whether you're facing the rotation of the earth or not when you take off from a light...

posted by  ChrisV

Well then theres also the fact that bigger aftermarket wheels can often weigh less than the smaller stock ones, so it could increase gas mileage as well. Many variables.

posted by  PontiacFan27

...really, i don't think any wheels are meant to reciprocate.... you might need to get those wheels balanced or something....:wink2:

posted by  dodger65

I meant rotating :oops:

posted by  PontiacFan27

Yep, these cars take huge wheels. Me and my friends saw a nicely customized black 300 at the gym, went to look at it, and my friend's like "needs bigger wheels", I looked at em and they were 22's, and they still looked a bit too small!!!

I like that last pic as well as the black and white ones the best.

posted by  Vlad

Damnit double post...

posted by  Vlad

I think these cars need big wheels to look good. my dad rented a 5.7 Hemi truck & he drives a 98 silverado(which he souped up a little:wink2:) he said that motor moved it around like a bike. they make so many upgrades even for tha trucks i dont think any size rim or tire or how much crap you put in it would be a problem

posted by  carfanatic21

dude, that is SO FREAKING SWEET i would kill to have a charger ...

posted by  musclecarneon

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