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well, i am considering buying a 1970 corvette from someone. it has no interior what-so-ever, has a full engine and tranny, but it hasn't moved in about 6 or more years. so it will definitly need rebuilt. my question is, about how much am i looking at as far as restoring it? either way, i know it will be worth it, plus the corvette stingray is my dream car. i am just trying to figure out about how much i am looking at spending. thanks. if you have any more questions just post me.

posted by  Tooyoung225

Really hard questiojn to answer because we dont know all the little intracacies. I did also look into getting a 69 sting ray and dropping a H/C LS1.
All I can reccomend is takin someone very knowledgable about these cars and restoring them with you too look at it.

posted by  Enthusiast

Well, does this help give more of an idea?

The car has an almost perfect body/chassis/fame.
It needs everything in the interior. (i would like to keep it all original inside.)
I WILL need a full rebuild on the engine and tranny.(i would like to make it look orignal, but i want to put as many upgrades into it as possible, without a supercharger.)

I hope this helps.

posted by  Tooyoung225

so theres no interior but you want an all original interior?

thats gonna be a LOT of work ( unless donor car)

posted by  nighthawk

Why would it need to be rebuilt if it simply hasnt moved. We got a 76 benz with half a million miles running in less than 2 weeks. A 300d it is the slowest car I have ever been in but it is fun just because. You shouldnt need a full rebuild just from lack of use.

posted by  skeetin870

put some fresh gas in the carb, new battery, spark plugs, blah blah blah.
See if it will start. As to the interior, thats gonna be realy tuff. You might just custom fab some parts to look original (thats what i would try) ya know, 'original but different' make it fit you're preferences :2cents:

posted by  davsmitty

I wonder if he'll actually come back...

At my Coop, the boss' brother bought a 74' Vette for $1000 (without engine and tranny). He's already gotten one and has it installed and is actually awaiting a new full interior for it now, I could possibly try and find what it's costing him (if you come back).... also, it's a convertible.

posted by  car_crazy89

i think its better to keep that thing that way .. i mean it should look like the original one ... dont bother yourself changing it ..

posted by  doctor

Not really. You can order every interior part brand new from YearOne.

posted by  OombaIsBack

whats year one?

posted by  Aondor

a website/ retailer?

posted by  davsmitty

They make reproduction parts for alot of classic cars, including entire bodys.

posted by  OombaIsBack

Yeah sorry bout season just started and i have been extremely busy with that and just got a chance to get to a computer.

well, since i am back, i would definitly like to know how much it ends up costing him. My main goal is to get it running and in a condition to be driven for now. everything else will come later.

I don't have the car yet, but it's not going anywhere, so i have plenty of time.

posted by  Tooyoung225

Alright, well I'll try and find out tomorrow if possible.

posted by  car_crazy89

any word on the price yet?

posted by  Tooyoung225

Honestly, I totally forgot. I've been alittle more busy lately and it slipped my mind. I can try to find out for you Monday (as thats the next time I'm there). By the way, this would be Canadian pricing.. if that makes any difference.

posted by  car_crazy89

It don't matter, i can figure out how much it would be in american after u tell me the price.

posted by  Tooyoung225

Well I asked the one guy and he said he doesn't know (as the car belongs to the brother of the shop owner). I can try asking someone else, and since the car is gone I don't think I'll see the owner of it (atleast not for awhile). Only other thing I can think of is an online search... sorry I couldn't help.

posted by  car_crazy89

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