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I got a question about 4 corner bagging, I want to get a full bag system on my Ranger, I did some research on it and some people say that it is an uneven stance sometimes because you basically lift it to your height and have to match it all up by eyeing it, is this entirely true? And another thing would a 3/4 drop be necessary so I could slam it to the ground without having any trouble with say the camber? I don't want to drop it and have the wheels kind of turning in like you see on a lot of lowered trucks. See this is bugging me because its like 1 grand to get a kit and then theres installation and hopefully this would be a good little investment for better handling. Opinions?

posted by  99integra

gotta love ranger lean. I didn't know bags'll improve your handling. At any you better not come 1000 miles north and drag in WI. I might have to start something then.

posted by  Scolson

Lol whys that? And I made that assumption because of it being lower center of gravity there would be less roll

posted by  99integra

Roll is based on suspension angles. spring stiffness, and swaybar tuning. Reducing the air to lower the vehicle makes the "spring" rate lower, which can increase the tendency to roll. Normally, you'd counter that with increased sway bar size, but that really reduces the "style" of independant 4 wheel bags.

And sorry, any time you lower a vehicle like that to the ground and want correct alignment when raised to driving height, you're going to GET that sort of camber. It's part of the look and part of the compromise you accept to get the slammed stance with a lot of vehicles.

posted by  ChrisV

'Cus I don't want our roads to get all torn up. :thumbs:

posted by  Scolson

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