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im sure ive mentioned this quite a few times before,
but im getting my uncles 86 grand prix,
exact same everything as the one in my sig, but not lowrider'd
with the 5.0 (305) V8

my question is this....

is this engine a small block chevy or a pontiac block V8?

it seems like it would be easy to find out, but it is useless checking with google etc etc...

I know there isint too much of a difference,
but as I will be buying aftermarket parts, they will only fit to one or the other block, and if I buy the part for the wrong engine.... well im screwed:doh:

i cannot have a look at the engine to see different mounting locations etc... because its at my uncles house a few hours away, (car will be at my home in late june, early july)

I will be able to tell a lot easier when i get the car in my garage,
but im putting together a few ideas, and it would really help me if I knew
what engine it is,

by the way, im kinda hoping its a small block chevy,
because theres tonnes of stuff available for them
and the only stuff ive found for the pontiac block is little stuff like
plug wires and stuff,

any info should help a lot

thanks in advance:thumbs:

posted by  nighthawk

305s are Chevy engines.

posted by  OombaIsBack

thank god someone posted:laughing:

do you think its possoble it might be a pontiac block though?

posted by  nighthawk


Stupid 5 character limit

posted by  OombaIsBack

wrong thread

posted by  Wally

most likely a chevy in those years. pontiac did make sevearl v8s but i believe they were done by then. olds did make a 5.0 v8 then which was actually a 307 came in many of them cars,

lets see easy way to tell for a beginner. if its an olds, the oil fill will be at the front of the motor with a metal tube about 6 inches high, also the thermostat will have a bypass hose built into the housing,

Chevy will have the oil fill in the valve cover with a pcv valve in one valve cover, and the water pump bolts directly to the block with 4 bolts,

pontiac will have pcv valve in the block behind the intake, and the water pump will bolt to an aluminum timing cover which then bolts to the block.

it can be frustrating for a beginner to identify the different gm engines used throughout the years. I will help any of you all i can. good luck , Bob

posted by  bobcat7

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