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To All,
My Wife and I just purchased an Equinox and my only complaint is an extremely irritating door alarm that sounds when the driver's door is opened. Unfortunately, this does not occur 100% of the time. Any information? I would actually prefer to disable this feature if possible. Thank you.

posted by  David Stuff

is it just when the keys are in the ignition?

posted by  windsonian

If you just purchased the vehicle, why don't you go to the dealer and ask them?

posted by  Mathew

Usually door alarms only occur when either you leave the lighs on and open the drivers' door. Or when you leave the keys in the ignition and open the drivers' door, as windsonian says!

I'm not sure if it's the same setup, but GM brands in the UK (Vauxhall mainly) have that irritating beeping when you leave the lights on, or when the keys are left in them. The reason for the lights in particular is because Vauxhall's tend to have their headlamps stay on if you fail to turn them off and take the kaeys out, rather than switch them of automatically and keep the sidelights on...saves getting a flat battery if the car warns ya to turn off your lights!

posted by  Cliffy

Okay Mathew, cut me a small measure of slack. The noise is irritating but not so much that I can't live with it. If needed, I can certainly visit the dealer again, but I am truly wanting to just disable this feature. Due to liability, I don't believe I will get anyone there to cough up the info.

To All,
I aplogize for not stating the problem clearly.
1. When I go out to the garage (or wherever) and open the driver's door, the noise occurs until the door is closed.
2. No engine running, no lights and no keys left in the ignition.

Thank you.


posted by  David Stuff

And I say again, why don't you just ask the dealership? Is it a 4 hour drive? Do you think they'll lock the doors when they see you coming? Do you really have anything to lose if they don't help you with it?

You would rather fiddle around with wires and harnesses in your car, possibly causing damage to the car?

Trust me, I work in a dealership, we're friendly people.

posted by  Mathew

In other words, it's just an noise to alert you when the door isn't closed properly.......does it really take us to answer that for you? lol. If you really cant live with it, do as Mathew says and visit the dealer they are (sometimes) nice people lol. Look at it this way, you paid them thousands of dollars for you vehicle, I think the least you could ask is for the location of a fuse (probably on the same fuse as another unimportant device like the cigar lighter)....or just for them to disable it for you!

posted by  Cliffy

There are no dates on this, so this may be a long dead topic, but I'll add one more possibility. I just had the same problem with mine, and the headlight setting had been switched from Auto to something else. The car may be alerting you that the lights are on. Once I flicked it back to Auto, the beeping immediately stopped.

Mike   28 Jun 2012 00:00

I have the same problem with my 05 equinox. Whnever the drivers side door is open the alarm bell continuously goes chimes. I have tried all different things (including the headlight switch) and cannot for the life of me figure it out. I bought the car second hand and however I called the local dealership and they had no clue of what the problem was. I have learned to live with it, but I sure would love to silence it.

Wyatt   22 Jul 2012 03:02

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