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hey ppl i have a 1968 chrysler new yorker with a 440 A engine and i was wondering what you guys think of that car , i am about to sell the car but i dont know if it will be a mistake or a good thing and i want to know more about this car so if you can please help me it will be appritiated

posted by  assasin209

That's a big car isn't it. Must hurt the hip pocket with fuel consumption.


posted by  Wally

hell yea man about 60 buck to fill

posted by  assasin209

hey, im new to the site and i just so happend to find this on google, and it was your posting about wanting to know if you should sell your 440 newyorker, well i registerd just so i could post this for you lol. I too own a 1968 chrystler new yorker 440. and i have a messly job that i work 40 hours a week and get pay just above minimum wage... but i too pay 60 a tank all i have to say is..... It Aint Cheap To Look So Damn good!

posted by  440Noble

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