dodge stealths make me mad

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because everytime i see, well i think i see a 3000gt, it always turns out to be a stealth

posted by  mazda6man

have yall ever seen that skit on SNL "Deep thoughts"? ;)

posted by  73-440-Cuda

Well first of all you saw a stealth...or a 3000 gt...or a stealth. Wowwy its the same car, with a few minor missing things, such as motorized spoilers, and all wheel stearing. Other wise stealths are 3000s are GTO's.

posted by  labido

i think anyone who makes a car that looks exactly like a different one of a different company then they're just unoriginal and should get fired for not doin their job to make up new and better cars

posted by  PodunkPunk

Mitsu made both cars, in the same plant...soo its not really copying, its just remarketing.

posted by  labido

lambido knows his sh*t!!! :D 8)

posted by  skullz

same car, 3000gt's and stealths come off the same line, just different tags..

posted by  Conc3pt

It's the same kind of thing as between the MK4 Ford Fiesta and the 96-03 Mazda 121.

posted by  snoopewite

Stealths' and 3000 GTs' both have the same exact engine made by Mitsubishi...I personally like the way the 3000 GTs' look. When I was a little girl they used to be my favorite car (in reality) - lamborghini (in my dreams)...anyways have you ever sat in a 3000 GT there is no leg room whatsoever (hmmm well then again I am 5'9") :)

posted by  JettaChiC20

im 6"6. . .
tell me bout it. . .
lol very few cars that have legroom for me

posted by  $eRb

uh hu i know someone who is over 7 foot and he drives a dodge neon, and he fits into it

posted by  Arthur

yea im 6' 0" and i can put the seat on my neon all the way back so that i can barely reach the pedals.

posted by  kotu100

LMAO :mrgreen: It's got a sunroof right?

posted by  Nemaroller

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