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so a friend of mine bought an 87 diesel escort in the summer of 05. it is a 1.8L diesel engine with a 5 speed manual. this thing has hardly any ponies and acceloration is horrible. the engine has around 200,000 miles on it and it running strong as hell.

well heres the story. you know how all diesels have turbos. turbos make a diesel perform soo much better. its a night and day difference in performance. well this 1.8L diesel escort has no turbo. we had a AR10 turbo laying around and figured y not try to put it in this diesel escort. the trubo i think is capable of producing around 5-10 P.S.I of boost before it will destroy its self.

we took off the intake manifold, exaust manifold, the whole exaust, all of the A/C componets, and we stripped the whole interior. we have racing seats that are just laying around that will be installed in to the front and the rest of the car will stayed stripped to lessen wait.

our plans are to have a fricken rally type car because it would be the funniest thing ever and we have plenty of time on our hands to mess around with it and why not when most of the parts are just laying around.

the turbo will be a tight fit but were hoping we will be able to get it to work. the only thing we have to buy is is a boost controller and then were looking into c if maybe some F350 diesel fuel injectors will fit LMAO. also we have a propane shot sytem in mind. a propane shot for diesel is almost like a NOS shot for a gasoline engine. we have it all planned out and it will shoot a spray out in the intake like a NOS fogger system. we are hoping this will be one funny semi badass car haha.

one prob we did encounter though is when we took the carpet out, we found that the WHOLE front floor was rusted all the way throgh. we will have to weld some sheet metal in place to make it safe.

i am hoping to have tons of pictures of this project up within the next week or soo. be sure to keep looking because this is one project that you will want to see finish because it will for sure make you laugh and you will want to tell all you buddies.

thanks for reading sorry it was soo long, shouldnt ever be this long again!

posted by  87dieselescort

Why is this in repairs and maintenance? :banghead:

posted by  newyorker

because this catergory is for repairs, maitenace and modifying .. and i think that would be modifying.. besides there is no other catergory to pic from that has anything to do with what i posted.

posted by  87dieselescort

Yes it's for modifying aswell as Maintenance.....but in respect to helping people with modifications to their cars, not explain what they've done already!...I'll move this to the European section!...btw. You said all diesels have Turbos...they dont!...as you well know now lol

posted by  Cliffy

I don't know how to break this to you Cliffy, but... He was probably closer to being in the correct forum than you are. Based on the fact that he has an '87 Escort diesel and the fact that he mentioned upgrading to F350 injectors, I'll gaurantee you he lives in the good old USA. Unless there's been some major shift in world geography or politics, we're not in Europe. :wink2:

posted by  vwhobo

LOL...whoops, I assumed (wrong I know) that it was a European Escort as I didn't think standard Diesel Escorts were made in the US....Especially as he said a 1.8litre Diesel. I assumed he meant the Euro spec version....*Moves to Domestic Forum*

posted by  Cliffy

yeah i didnt think they made these in the states till i bought it. Its location is monroe michigan.

yes im the owner of the car. 87dieselescort is my friend helping work on the car.

hopefully we will have some picutres up soon of her in all her beauty.

posted by  BDcustoms

Dumbass. How many times do I have to tell you to think before you type and submit? Did you read what I said above or just type the first thing that came into your empty head? Need proof? How's this?



posted by  vwhobo

So is it only available with a diesel engine in North America?.....as this seems to be the case with alot of cars, it seems almost as if in North America, they have the same cars as in Europe (just different body styles where the Escort's concerned!)

posted by  Cliffy

The second link says the engine size is a 2.0?

posted by  Pythias

Negative. The diesel was only put in the Escort for about five or six years in the '80's. They weren't many produced or sold, but they do exist.

That is correct. Gas 1.9, diesel 2.0.

posted by  vwhobo

K, I was just making sure because the guy said, near the beginning of his post they had a 1.8li Diesel. Maybe he's just wrong.

posted by  Pythias

no, it really is a 1.8.. right BDcustoms? im 99% sure.

posted by  87dieselescort

actaull i may be wrong, it may be a 2.0. Brandon the person that owns it said the guy that he bought it off of said it was a 1.8 but he said it could be a 2.0 because all the deisels he looked up were 2.0's ... who knows.

posted by  87dieselescort

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