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I've got a '95 Camero I've had my stereo hooked up for some while now, but the other day it quit working. Radio still gets power turns on and lights up and my subs will still play. So I was thinking that there has to be a prob with the Bose factory equip. OK, I was thinking that there's a amp in there, I'm unable to find one. Is there one and if so where? Or, if you got any other ideas of what I should do please help.

posted by  daddyc

1. What does the service manual say about the presence of an amp?

2. How can a person own a car "for some while now" and not even know how to properly spell it's name? Once might be a typo, twice is ridiculous.

posted by  vwhobo

Book was no help and yeah I know my spelling sux

posted by  daddyc

so your not getting sound from your coaxles/componets? Take the speakers out but leave the wireing connected, then use a volt/ohm meter to test the connection WITH THE STEREO ON. Check all the speakers youre having problems with. If the speakers are recieving signal, but still not playing, then theyre probably busted. If the speakers are busted, use a KOWN WORKING speaker to test the signal again. If your not getting any signal whatsoever, then, yes, you probably have a problem with the amp. Remember, the HU has an amplifier too, this could be the problem.
Thats all Ive got for now. Post again after you check it all out, and give some more information :thumbs:

posted by  davsmitty

Very good post Davsmitty.

Since we got that problem fixed Il fix the other:

Camaro= :)
Camero= :(

posted by  Zalight

Hey thanks. Im trying to be very carefull of what i post so as not to incure the harsh wrath of the hobo LOL :joking: now that i know why he posts like he does, i can try to be more specific :thumbs:

posted by  davsmitty

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