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ok i have decied that an 83 cutlass will be pretty sweet. Now im not the type of kid to have some thing that is junk ( and the car isn't) but should i spend the money and do the things i want to this car for example tubs, paint, hood, sound system :drool: (given) but i mean all the extras and those are a few. I want to know what every one thinks about it. thanks alot for you time

posted by  Vegastar

if by "tubs" you mean enlarged rear wheel wells.. youd be best off making it fast first.

id say its worth it, if its done the right way, its sorta like my car (im being super careful with it)

posted by  nighthawk

if its in good shape, go for it. just be carefull and dont get stupid.

posted by  davsmitty

Ye well i bought the car so now what to do first???:doh:

posted by  Vegastar

get it running well?

posted by  davsmitty

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