Supercharging a stock 1997 trans am????

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YO YO YO just wondering, how smart would it be if i were to put a supercharger adding around 15 psi on a stock 1997 trans am? Im mostly just wondering if the pistons/rods/whatever else could go wrong might happen or not? DUCE! Oh and i will be adding performance radiator+oil cooler! thanks::banghead: :thumbs:

posted by  313m3nt17

Why the hell did you have to add all that mumbo jumbo, gangsta hip-hop bullsh*t? That sh*t ain't even current. Duce? Yo yo yo? Nobody says that shit.

But anyway, I'm reformed so I'll help you. Here's a link that'll solve your problem. This is a very informative website offering detailed research on f-bodies. (

posted by  What?

Gotta love it :laughing:
Hope you can stick around this time man :wink2:

posted by  99integra

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