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i am thinking about picking up a 2004 gto and would like to know what everyone elese thinks. i took one out for a test drive the other day and was in complete shock, i instantly fell in love with it, even though i managed to get my first speeding ticket ever on the test drive, but i would like some feed back from people. It seems that edmunds gave it a good review but i was wondering what others thought.


posted by  chris1017

You got a speeding ticket on a test drive? :laughing:

If it's your first speeding ticket, then this is probably one of your first cars, and I wouldn't suggest it, because you'll probably total it, but I love the car, and if you're positive you can drive her safely, then I'd say go for it :thumbs::2cents:

posted by  chris_knows

I thought I made a thread on this... *searches*
Yup, I did. http://www.car-forums.com/talk/showthread.php?t=3770
Perhaps some of the responses in there will help you out some. :thumbs:

posted by  StiMan

i have been driving for 7 years now so i think i can handle the car, but yes, that was my first speeding ticket ever. i really like the car alot and i was just wondering how others felt about it.


posted by  chris1017

How bad were you speding and where

posted by  newyorker

Whats your name?
Where do you live?
Any relatives I should know about?

I personally don't like the GTO, I like the performance but the styling is too boring. It kind of seems like a Grand-am with 2 doors and some minor styling adjustments. My oppinion shouldn't really matter though, if you like it I say go for it.

posted by  Benson

You idiot. I was asking how fast he was going in what speed limit, and if it was highway, main streets, backroads, etc.:banghead:

posted by  newyorker

the new GTO's are great and all, maybe not the 5.7L ones though

I just wish they looked more muscle-car like :2cents:

posted by  nighthawk

i was on the beltway in baltimore, MD. the speed limit is 55 and i was doing 76. good thing they did not catch me when i was doing 120.


posted by  chris1017

I think what Benson meant was, Who gives a shit?

posted by  Mathew

I personally love the GTO. Although here it's the Vauxhall Monaro (Or Holden Monaro in Aus). It's still the same car though, with pretty much the same engine!

posted by  Cliffy


I don't see a point in asking how fast he was going, he was just asking your oppinion on the car and you got off topic.

posted by  Benson

save up a few more grand and get an 05+. 6.0L LS2, Dual exhaust, ram air hood. 50 more horsepower...

posted by  TurboLag

i am shooting for a 2005 but i don't know if i want to part with that much money. i am in the process of buying a house and can't afford a real high payment on top of my $200/ insurance on the gto.

there is a lot of disbute over this car, mainly because people say it does not look like a gto, but who knows what a gto should look like. nobody has seen a new one in over 20 years, plus i have a grand-am now and for some reason i just love their styling. too bad hyundai does not make a real sports car yet, i would get a great deal since i sell them for a living.


posted by  chris1017

there bring there v8 coupes over here in 2007or08 I think I am just unshure of its name I will google it.

posted by  Aondor

Well, its your choice and money.

More engine, power, and style for a few more bucks
a wee bit smaller bills for a slower, more boring gto IMO

Im all for 05, and i think you'd be glad u did if u got it

posted by  TurboLag

sure it may be booring but didnt Delorean design it before he died?
Yeah i would still go w/ the 05 but even if you get the LS1 you can still get a ton of performance upgrades for it so i say go for it and tune it up yourself!!!!

posted by  carfanatic21

I never heard of delorean designing it...

Theres no replacement for displacement:thumbs:

posted by  TurboLag

I think it's a very sexy car. I do favor the '05s and '06s more than the '04s because of their power and the dual hood scoops (and the new tail lights for '06), and the fact that it's an Australian-made car gives it a more...I dunno, 'exotic' feel to it, in my opinion. True, it's no Ferrari, but at least you could afford it.

posted by  adamsjr

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