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I just got a 1988 ford ranger. It has a v6 140 hp. It is a manual. It has no rpm gauge so besides listening to the engine i have no way of knowing when to shift it. Is there a website where i can buy a tachometer kit to have installed so i know when to shift. PLease help

posted by  DanTheMan76

Is there a GOOD reason for two seperate threads on the same subject?

posted by  vwhobo

You get used to knowing when to shift after a while...It's probably safer too (keep your eyes on the road instead of the dash)...Not sure where to buy a kit, but I'm pretty sure they do sell them. :thumbs:

posted by  chris_knows

sorry about the double shift my computer is really slow after i clicked submit nothing happened after 5 minutes so i clicked it again and it went thorugh but twice

posted by  DanTheMan76

your O'Rieley's has tachs, theyre realy easy to install too, just make sure you get one for a v6.

posted by  davsmitty

"Get one for a V6"... As opposed to what? Remember, before you type your reply, I know the answer and expect to hear yours.

posted by  vwhobo

Duh, as opposed to a Rotary-6 :laughing: :joking:

posted by  chris_knows

Any good auto parts store would have tachometers. If your lucky, you could get a whole gauge set up from a salvage yard for cheap.

posted by  SlipKnoT

tachs for 6cyl engines wont work right with 8cyl engines and visa versa. you know that.

posted by  davsmitty

why not???? id bet you money i could take my tack out of my monte carlo (v8) and put it in a honda in about 20 mins

posted by  glagon1979

you could (provided the connections match, which they probably will) but the readings from the tach would not be accurate. I admit that i only know the 'why' of this. Ive never put a tach for a 6cyl on an 8cyl so I dont know EXACTLY what will happen, just that it wont be right. I didnt realy expect to have to defend myself on this, I thought it was just 'understood'. When I buy parts or pull parts from a wrecked vehicle, I make sure that the parts are commpatible with what im installing it to. It just makes sense that if you have a "whatever"6cyl and you want a tachometer, to get a tach for that type of engine. I dont know if all this holds true inline engines (i4, i6, i8) but thats not what we're talking about.

posted by  davsmitty

Why do you find the need to continue spewing bullsh*t and pretending it's information? As I said, an answer is expected, and I know the correct one. Start out by explaining the "why" of this phenomenon. While we're at it, and you bought it up, explain to everyone what the differece is between a tach fo a Vee vs inline engine. I need some comedic relief this morning. :banghead:

posted by  vwhobo

well since no answer will ever appease the great hobo, and since I have already admited that I do not know the why, and because I have already stated that I have never done this; "because it just dosent". Now, Ive noticed that VWhobo has on occasion acually halped some persons, he most often only insults their intelegence. You claim to know so very much more than any others on this forum, so why wont you simply help to fill in the gaps? When I say that I dont know, I expect the person who claims to know, and who asked why I thought the way I did, to enlighten me. Unless I am wrong in with this idea of mine, Then what is the harm of me saving this guy some headaches? If I am wrong please let me know and correct me. This is the way that I was taught to learn. Now, youll probably call me an idiot, use the :banghead: at least 3 more times and ask me another question that I likely cannot answer from any first hand knowledge or experiance.

posted by  davsmitty

1. Moron. If you were able to comunicate effectively, most of my last post wouldn't have been posted. You very specifically stated "I admit that i only know the 'why' of this." I can only respond to the words that you type. It's not my fault that you are incompetent in conveying your message.

2. Where ever do you get the idea that it's my job to educate you. Instead of waiting for someone to pat you on the ass and give you the answers, be a big boy and go find them for yourself. Somehow, some way in the years before the internet, back when most households still had black and white TV's, computers where machines the size of a large building and mobile phones were something you saw in science fiction movies, people like me managed to search out information of this sort. It's called taking the time to care, and more importantly, REALLY WANTING TO KNOW.

I don't think you meet those two criteria. You, and many others like you, just want to be spoon fed. Not only that but if you don't know, and apparently you knew you didn't, why do you find it neccesary to make incorrect statements that only serve to confuse the situatiuon? I can answer that. Because you want people to think you have knowledge that you don't. You want to appear smarter than you are. And the whole time you're hoping you won't get caught.

If you really want to learn about cars and how they work, shut off your computer and go work on them. Sometimes that may require you to read a manual or some other type of reference material to get an answer. Then, when you have some knowledge beyond what you think you learned from a movie or video game, you might be able to help with technical questions instead of muddying the waters with your own special brand of bullsh*t.

posted by  vwhobo

So if you've never done this, where have you received your information? As you well know, hobo only comes across this way when members shows signs of opening their mouths without first checking the facts. I've done it myself before and just accept that hobo has atleast 30yrs worth of motor trade experience over me. The reason that he seems to be like this with almost all members, especially new members, is because they always post in the same way, and show either a lack of description that is needed to help them out (a description that they should posses!), or they claim to know what they're talking about but dont. Sometimes the latter is exceptionally severe, other times it's not that bad, it just gets worse when the members get their backs up because of the way that hobo addresses himself....:thumbs:

posted by  Cliffy

your right, both of you. it was my father that told me to get a tach for a v8 when I was doing the same thing. He told me that tachs for different engines would not work correctly on a specific engine type. as to getting out and learning for myself, your absolutly right, trouble is that i dont have the money to do the things that I want. So instead of tearing apart my truck and possibly screwing it up without anyone to help me figure it out (also a lack of decent tools), I thought that I could share my limited experiance (which I could probably count on both hands what Ive done myself) and what Ive been told from sources I trust. I also am using the sources available to me (the internet, multitudes of books, idividuals who know more than me), i cannot help it if these were not available to the older generations. I just prefer to learn some things prior to getting "under the hood". Again, sorry.
p.s. now I am wondering if what i said is true or not, tachs for diff. engines (yea/nae?)

posted by  davsmitty

:doh: :doh: I'm guessing its a Typo.

BTW the right answer will appease hobo, although in your case you are not right.

posted by  Pythias

I admit I am not completely certain on the following, but my understanding is that a tachometer measures the amount of times the crankshaft of an engine spins per second. In which case, it really wouldn't matter which type of engine it came from, horizontally opposed, inline, rotory or otherwise. If a tachometer on an S2000 is reading 3000 rpm, and another on a Buick Regal is also reading 3000 rpm, then their crankshafts are spinning at exactly the same rate (give or take a bit for instrument error) and are completely interchangeable, although the redline mark on each would not be accurate for the other engine. (S2000 redlines somewhere near 8000 rpm, Regal redlines somewhere near 5500). Please correct me if any of this is false.

posted by  hondaman

my tach connects to the distributer(sp?) cap and (I think) measures the rpm of the rotor right? since there are 8 points in my distributer (as opposed to six or four ect.) then the rpm readings for the engine would be wrong if I had a tach designed for a 6 point distributer, right? As Ive stated, I have not put a 6cyl designed tach on my engine so this is just my thinking. But doesnt it make sense to get parts specificaly for one's model/engine?

posted by  davsmitty

I could be wrong too but....

I always thought the tachometer told you RPM (of the crank im guessing)
and i guess they could be used from one car to another,

I wouldnt use a tach like this one on a diesel though....


that would get very annoying...:cussing: :laughing:

posted by  nighthawk

Just to chirp in, almost all of the Rangers have a redline of 5500 (6000 if you want to throw a rod) :laughing:

posted by  99integra

wrong. if you look at a tach what do you see? a round housing with some numbers in sequential order and 4 wires. a ground, a power, an ilumination, and the wire that makes it work (is usually green if im not mistaken). if you ask me that makes them pretty universal.:thumbs:

your truck should have an HEI distributor, whitch means you don't have points in your distributor.

posted by  glagon1979

look, im just saying what ive been told. untill someone gets a tach for their engine, and another tach for a engine with more or less cylendars(sp) and gets the same readings with either, im gonna stick to my answer.

posted by  davsmitty

then we dont want to see any replies from you about tachs anymore:thumbs:

posted by  glagon1979

Boy, you made it almost 12 hours acting like an adult. You are once again publicly displaying the fact that you are completely ignorant and unwilling to learn. You are so convinced that your uneducated opinion is correct, you don't want to listen to anyone else. You've been told repeatedly by someone (me) who has installed literally hundreds of tachs, mechanical drive, electrical and electronic (yes, there is a difference), that you are wrong. Yet you insist on clinging to your opinion, based on nothing more than "that's what you've been told". Okay, let's try this on for size. Right now I'm telling you the sun is made of scrambled eggs. That makes it a fact and now you must mindlessly repeat it to everyone for the rest of eternity, just like you're doing with your opinion about tachometers. Imbecile.

So, let's see who else know less about tachometers than you and your personal misinformation source. Let's look at some manufacturer instructions for your basic, garden variety, tach. The only reasons I picked this one for an example are a) There is nothing extraordinary or unique about this item, and b) The instructions were readily available. Pay special attention to section two.

Click for instructions (http://static.summitracing.com/global/images/instructions/sum-g2905.pdf)
So, is the manufacturer wrong? Have I been wrong? Has anyone else who told you the correct answer been wrong? Was the person "that told you" still correct even though the instructions say what they do? Are there tachometers that are only compatible with one engine configuration? Absolutely, but by far the majority are of aftermarket automotive tachometers (that's what this thread is about after all) are universal items.

Until you pull your head out of your ass long enough to get some fresh air and listen to what others are telling you, you will continue to be an ignorant know nothing. The path that you take is entirely up to you, but... You have been pointed the right direction several times on this forum alone and if you continue to chose the wrong path you will gain the non-credibility of a newyorker or OombaLicksMyCrack. If you want to be lumped in with no nothing losers like them, have at it. The choice is yours.

P.S. Just so you can't whine that I loaded the results, here's another set of instructions for a relatively high dollar, certainly high quality tach. Let's take a look and see if you know more than them also.

More installation instuctions (http://static.summitracing.com/global/images/instructions/atm-3904.pdf)

Just think. A little more effort on your part earlier would have you looking a lot less like an ass right about now.

posted by  vwhobo

OK, i never considered universal tachs. I was wrong there. but I just read all the posts again and (seems to me) no-one stated "this is wrong" the posts just seemed to ask why I thought this and how. My bad. but in one respect, I was right as well. Again, changable tachs were not mentioned

posted by  davsmitty

You were right? I what way was that? Please explain in great detail how you were correct in any way in this thread.

posted by  vwhobo

well, considering that I was refering to a vehicle specific, engine specific tach, as i have alread (repeatedly) stated. For supporting my argument on this specific matter, I was right that a engine specific tach (non-changalbe) will not give correct readings when installed to a different configuration engine (v6-v8).

posted by  davsmitty

Add the word liar next to ignoramus on your resume. You never stated anything about an engine specific tach.

Not there...

and not there...

not there...

certainly not there...

not there either...



not here either. Why do you have this never satisfied need to humiliate yourself in public? You always claim that you want to learn, and then when someone tries to help, you ignore the facts and prance down your merry little path of stupidity. You were not right, you are not right and you're not going to be right until you get over the fact that at your age and experience, you don't know sh*t.

Yesterday I showed you how to reasearch, and you did a fair job while your hand was being held. How much research did you put into this? I can tell ya. ZERO. The links I provided to you are readily available to the general public, yet you never tried to find them or anything like them. You were just convinced that you were correct. You are an ass clown. You are evidence of why some people should not be allowed to breed. No matter how many chances you've been given here, you still f*ck them up. Go back to your third grade class and maybe you can impress all the other kiddies with your vast automotive knowledge. I for one am done with your worthless ass.

posted by  vwhobo

never stated vehicle specific either.

all hobo and i are trying to say is, you cant go to auto zone/advance auto and say "give me a tach for a 4 cylinder." all aftermarket electronic tachs are wired the same (have never seen any wired differently)

posted by  glagon1979

alright fine, but what did it hurt that I said to make sure he got a tach that would (with out a doubt) work with his engine?

posted by  davsmitty

we never had a doubt to begin with

posted by  glagon1979

i am sorry to but in but i am currently going to college for auto motive technology. I am just wanting to tell you what i have learned about the tachometers in school. the tachometer reads how many times the coils electric magnetic feild collapses. that is why the green wire goes to the negative side of the coil. so depending on how many coils and how many cylinders the a car has will make a difference on the type tach that you should buy. but a universal one will work just fine.

posted by  jfischer1986

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